Monday morning buffet

You know you’ve got an appetite this morning.


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23 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Bulldawg165

    1) touching story about what CMR did for the Eunice family

    2) Are we only losing two starters on offense, QB and center (and Gurley), or did I read that depth chart wrong?


  2. Macallanlover

    Wouldn’t we consider having the new kicker punt for us next season? That is one of the few pieces I feel we need to improve at to have a solid shot at the SEC title next year. If he can get kickoffs into the end zone better than Morgan, and add a few yards, or hang time, to our punts why would we just let him stand on the sidelines? The article doesn’t rule that out but implies he will be on campus 5 years as we wait for Morgan’s eligibility to expire. I certainly want MM as the FG kicker but the kickoff and punting jobs should be an open competition, imo.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Obviously, you play a kid if you think he can help you win even one game. But, I’d imagine we’d like to think that Colin can get it together for his senior year and punt well for us.


    • SlobberKnocker

      We have a preferred walkon named William Hamm that redshirted last year. I watched him kick in HS and have never seen a leg that strong on a HS kicker. Word was that he set the distance records at both Richt and Saban camps at the time. I can’t speak to accuracy at this level but, I know he has the leg to kick it deep. I think he’ll get his chance before this kid will.


      • There ain’t no Hamm like Billy Hamm


      • Macallanlover

        Maybe, but there must be some consistency issues with the kickoffs as any team would take a guy who can eliminate runbacks regularly. Morgan has the accuracy but his touchback ratio could be better. I don’t care what name is on the back of the jersey, just produce.

        Same with Barber in sugar’s comment above, if Barber is our best we will just have to run with it. But I don’t care if it is a walk-on or scholly guy,our punting wasn’t up to par in either 2013 or 2014, imo. We got spoiled with Butler as our punter but it is now time to improve that phase of our team. We had excellent coverage on kicks in 2014 for the most part but you need a guy that can average over 40 to accomplish what we all want to achieve.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    That damn Mark Richt, he was probably thinking about the tribute for the Eunice family when he called the pooch.

    And if he was, so be it…I’ve had a few football coaches working for me…as a fan, you know…this guy is the absolute best of all of them.

    Mark Bradley notwithstanding, there is so much more to being a Dawg than just winning and losing.

    Nobody has to apologize for supporting Mark Richt.


  4. Spike

    I was at the dinner Saturday night. It was a very touching moment for the team, the crowd, and the family when CMR recognized Eunice and his family. Not a dry eye in the house. Well done, Coach.


  5. Americus Dawg

    Great story regarding the Eunice family. Welcome Rodrigo Blankenship. Right way to start off a Monday!


  6. Spencer Hall put it perfectly several years ago when comparing Georgia and Florida in the week before the game; Mark Richt adopted 2 Ukrainian orphans out of the goodness of his heart and Urban Meyer would eat 2 Ukrainian orphans live on ESPN if it would put him in the championship game.


  7. Will Trane

    May GOD bless and comfort the Eunice family. Lived in Valdosta for many years. My kids are Valdosta High alums. Former season ticket holder. Was fortunate to see James play along with Malcolm and Jay. Tell people Valdost and the Lowndes County community is a “kids” place. Was blessed to have lived there. Great high school football programs in VHS and LHS. Super, super kids and coaching staff, as well as faculty.
    Will always have memories of seeing James play with the rest of the Wildcats.
    Will have to say CMR is deeply loved and respected in SWGA by the 1-6A programs.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Steckel leaving mizzou is huge. As time goes by, I think replacing a DC is second only to replacing a HC in potential to traumatize a program. It’s rare to see a good DC replaced by an equally-as-good DC.


    • Willie Martinez

      What the hell is THAT supposed to mean.


      • Oh, Willie! I kinda feel for you. van Gorder got all the credit, even though y’all were co-DCs, and you got all the blame, even though van Gorder sucked at recruiting and left you with less talent than y’all inherited. That said, I’m still pissed at you for the 05 sugar bowl. You and Tony Taylor. That white FB is still running up the gut.


  9. Argondawg

    If that lineup is reasonably close I will be pleased. A very good mix of experience and freakishly talented youth. Now fellas lets lay off the chronic and stay out of trouble in the off season. I look forward to seeing a full recovered Mitchell. Scott Wesley and Marshall. Inside backers are gonna be hard to replace. Lo and Ramik were very solid.


  10. I could see Edwards out of Heard County pushing for PT at C. Or moving Kublanow to C and Edwards to G. Either way, I expect Edwards to be in the mix next year…if he’s anything like his farther or grandfather or cousin. Lol!