“The pay’s too good. Nobody wants to retire and give that up.”

One person’s self-absorbed is another’s job focus.  (h/t Ausdawg85)

McCarney believes the stress level in coaching has risen because of the exorbitant salaries coaches are getting and the vast outlets fans have to voice their opinions. According to USA Today, 51 of 128 FBS coaches make at least $2 million this year. In 2006, there were 10 $2 million coaches.

“It’s self-imposed, and obviously you want to win and want to be successful, no doubt, knowing that the world watches everything you do now,” Mc-Carney said. “Who are we kidding? Not everybody thinks he can be a banker or a Realtor or a doctor or a lawyer, but everybody thinks they can coach. Everybody in the stands does.”

Unable to shut off his brain, Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo, 49, says he struggles to fall asleep.

“You’re constantly thinking of things at night,” said Niumatalolo, who will take Navy to a bowl game for the seventh time in his eight seasons. “How can you recruit better? What are some red-zone things we can do better? Our facilities aren’t good enough. What sports drinks should we be drinking? There’s a plethora of things that eat at you.”

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for a healthy perspective.

Stress is all relative, says Virginia’s Mike London, a former Richmond police officer who once had a gun pointed at his face by a man who had robbed a store. Had the gun gone off as the robber intended, London said, he would likely be dead. Comparatively, calling a play on third-and-7 is relaxing.

“When I say relative pressure, it is just that,” said London, 54. “One is a finality, the other you get to live to see another day.”

Or you could simply revel in being an asshole.

Of course, winning remains the biggest antidote to stress. As Spurrier said, there really wasn’t much stress during his dozen years at Florida.

“Not only were we winning, we’d win big nine of 12 games every year,” he said. “So many games, we clobbered the other guy. It’d be the fourth quarter. We’d empty the bench, everybody would be laughing and giggling, and everybody got to play. We’ve even played our scout team…”

More stress for the OBC these days, though.

Spurrier joked that he slept a solid seven hours two nights after South Carolina’s regular-season finale, the first time he’d slept that much in about six weeks. He said a doctor has prescribed him medication to help him sleep and “help my mind slow down” during the season.

And he doesn’t play golf during the season anymore.  The horror!


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11 responses to ““The pay’s too good. Nobody wants to retire and give that up.”

  1. Russ

    Chow’s wife lives in LA while he’s coaching Hawaii? Cheaper to keep her?


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    It appears I should be more empathetic with Mayor and /or Dirtybird who apparently find pontification here provides some relief from the stress of their coaching duties.


  3. Steve does not have time for Golf during the regular Season. Steve if you are in Atlanta over the Holidays and have Four Hours to kill.. Give me a call and Maybe I can get us on at Capital City Club. Or better yet, Senator can you hook us up at the Standard Club. I really enjoy that course. I will need a Caddy from the old neighborhood. 🏤🎈🎈🎈🎈


    • Keese

      You impress no one making shit up


    • You know the Standard Club moved away from Home Park years ago, don’t you? Also, you claim to be in Birmingham so why would someone expect to call you to play golf in Atlanta?


      • I have access to Homes all over the place. I live in Atlanta most of the time. Have you seen my Gravatar? However, am moving to Seaside in a month. Need to restore my Soul.😢🎋


      • I have played the Standard three times. Once Intown near Cross Creek and twice at the New Club in Alpharetta. I won so much Graf in a tournament there in 1985, I felt like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack. The only stuff I kept was 3 Sun Visors with THE STANDARD CLUB emblem. At my CC in Al. Folks would always ask where is the Standard Club? I would say, “You can’t get there from here.” And That is the truth. Senator, don’t make me have to call Joel Brenner. Standard Club this Saturday! Tee Time 9:00 AM. In my foursome….I want You, Mac, DC Weez, and me. Get us some opponents.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Aww, those poor highly paid coaches and their stress problems. What’s next? Their back’s hurt from lugging all that money to the bank? And as usual we fans don’t know enough to fill a thimble.