Tuesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.



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20 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Jack Klompus

    Good for Rodrigo. Hope the plan goes smoothly and that he’s another in a long line of great kickers. Wish I’d had my plan laid out like that in December of 1989.


  2. Russ

    How quaint, tradition going all the way back to Billy Bennett. 🙂 I must be old (I am), but kicking tradition to me means Butler, Robinson, Leavitt, Rajecki, and Walton. That said, I want to see this guy kicking a 60 yarder against Saban and Bama to win the playoff final.


  3. Russ

    Boom looks like the gift that just keeps on giving. I think I’m going to enjoy his latest career move.


  4. Mudcats Impala...

    “Defensive line coach Rodney Garner and co-defensive coordinator/safeties coach Charlie Harbison are both signed through 2017, and cornerbacks coach Melvin Smith is signed through 2016.”

    Either Boom is gonna have to work with a couple of these guys or AU is gonna have to cough up a couple million more in buyouts…


  5. Normaltown Mike

    In Re UF Recruiting Rankings = Playoffs?:

    I was in Orlando over the weekend (a Disney Dawg in Disney!) and found great humor in poster advertisements displayed on the Disney buses. They were the ESPN “Who’s In?” ads and featured illustrations of Urban Meyer, the USC Trojan mascot and……(drumroll),,,, a screaming Boom mfer. I wanted to take one of the placards but fear the surveillance state that Disney has become (you now wear a wrist band that tracks your every move).


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    In this day and age, sometimes I feel like if it weren’t for conflicts of interest, we’d have no interest in anything.


  7. Ben

    Good for Texas; this idea of helping kids manage their money is a huge deal (especially with what happened with VY). Somehow, I’m not as cynical about Charlie Strong as I am about Urban Meyer; I just wish we were the school that was setting up a system like this (and maybe the Paul Oliver Network grows into that).


  8. Alkaline

    That was a good read on Ferentz. While Richt has done a better job of adapting to the changing philosophy of football in his tenure than Ferentz has, I could relate to the the S&C and conservative play-calling issues described. Iowa’s tempo problems, while much less of an issue for UGA, would also explain why everyone complains UGA “plays to their opponent” when facing lesser schools in years past.

    I think Richt (as compared to Ferentz, at least) is aware of his “old school” shortcomings and has made an effort to get his staff up-to-date to counter them. Hopefully the upcoming change at S&C will also yield improvements. But bottom-line, he’s got to stop calling plays with the mindset of “don’t screw up.” I doubt that’s ever a thought that ever crosses Art Briles’s mind, for example.


  9. Ben

    Also, re Boom and Garner, I was talking to an Auburn friend this weekend and he was lamenting their poor defensive line play. I had to remind him how poor our DL performed against Bama in ’12, and he didn’t like me suggesting that Rodney Garner wasn’t the DL coach they thought they were getting.

    Those egos are going to go “Boom, MFer” up there on the Plains, and it’s going to be glorious, because I just don’t think Muschamp’s ego is going to let him succeed there as a DC in a second stint.


  10. Senator – from another fantastic piece of note today. Of coaches fired from 2005-2014, Chan Gailey ranked 14th in exceeding expectations based on the school’s performance from the prior 10 years. That’s Chantastic!


  11. siskey

    Mahlzan will be out of there within 3 years. What is to be seen is if he leaves because he is fired or if the plainsmen get to be too much for him to deal with.