When the Georgia Way meets the Mark Bradley Way

Bradley’s in full pot-stirring mode now.

As we know, the lack of an indoor practice facility has become a flashpoint for Georgia coaches, who believe they really, really need one to keep up with the Butch Joneses of the SEC. (Tennessee has one. Heck, so does Georgia Tech.) Here was McGarity’s take:

“Georgia spent $33 million on the addition (to Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall) that was completed in 2010. (McGarity started as AD in September of that year.) That was four years ago. That would have been the perfect time, if the emphasis was on an indoor building, to do it. That had been on the drawing board since 1999 and 2000 – that never got off the ground. I come in and I’m moving into a brand new building and the indoor facility was not on the radar.

“Let’s fast-forward to 2013, to where it does become important. The first thing we do is talk about it; we have an allocation for the research for our athletic board, which was granted; we’ve selected an architect; we’re in the programming stage right now. When we meet with our board in February, we should have more information on cost and location so we can start the fund-raising.

“Once it was identified as being really, really important — I don’t know how important it was in 2009 or ’10, but if it had been that important, it would have been done at that time – so while it wasn’t that important and we played football outside and that’s the elements we need … (pause) … things change. We react to that.

“There’s a couple of other things that Mark really wants to do that just came to our attention like renovating the football locker room at the stadium and creating a recruiting room in the stadium. Well, once he made me aware of those two things, they were automatically put on our radar. But a lot of times it’s got to be the coach expressing to us what’s important. My question to coaches is, ‘What can I do to help you?’ And if I don’t know about it, I can’t predict what they want in that vein.”

And now, if you’re asking: “Do you, having spoken with McGarity for half and hour, feel that the rumors of a growing tension within the athletic department are overstated?”, the answer is …

No. I do not.

Bradley is going to force me into doing something I don’t ordinarily do, damn it – defend Butts-Mehre on the spending front.

The reality is that an IPF wasn’t a priority for Richt for some time and it really wasn’t much of an issue for the program.  That being the case, there were better places for the AD to spend department resources.  Times change.  More money rolling in to the SEC has led to arms races all over the map, including facilities, and things like IPFs have become issues on the recruiting trail.  McGarity may be fiscally prudent/frugal, but he will listen to complaints that might affect the money flow.

As for Bradley’s rumors, anybody with half a brain who heard Pruitt’s public complaining a month ago would have realized back then that there was “tension” in the athletic department over spending.  That it’s taken this long for him to catch that… well, how much of his brain does that mean Bradley uses?



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  1. I think Richt and the staff (especially Pruitt) have made it very clear we need to make sure we’re staying relevant on the facilities front. While I would personally rather have a brand new arena for basketball and gymnastics over an IPF, there’s no doubt the lack of it is being used by some on the recruiting front. It would also be good for game preparation when we are going to play in a dome, get practice in for bad weather, or want to do some things away from prying eyes.

    I would have to trust Richt on the locker room renovation and recruiting room in the stadium. If he wants those things, give them to him without even asking about it. It can’t be more than $750k to do that.


  2. Vindex

    Anytime that the GnaTs manage to pull off an upset of the Dawgs, which fortunately is only about once a decade (even that is one too many, of course), it triggers a tiny electrical discharge deep in MB’s amygdala which in turn causes copious discharges of this type. It’s a proven fact.


  3. Why is it on Richt and staff to tell McG what they need? Shouldn’t he, as an ATHLETIC DIRECTOR understand and predict what may or may not be needed to compete in athletics?


    • Exactly! Proactive vs. Reactive. When you are proactive, you can afford to move slowly with your implementation. Reactive implementation needs to take place quickly. McG seems to want to take the GADOT tack: Terribly slow to react and even slower to implement.

      One thing is for sure–the IPF is going to be a sight to behold……when it opens in 2026.


    • DawgPhan

      I agree. ADGM seems happy enough to just sit in his office for 6 hours per day and then head home. If no one asks him to do anything all the better.

      He definitely doesnt seem like he is spending every waking hour trying to grind and figure out how to out AD the next guy. Just worry about what he is having for lunch and hope that no one asks for anything.


    • DirtyBird

      Bingo Joel, who’s in charge?


    • Wrong. CMR, runs the football program and is paid to know what he needs to be effective. Like a General and the Secretary of Defense, CMR asks and Greg’s job is to deliver or explain what can or cannot be done while holding CMR accountable.

      This has come up because Pruitt, not Richt, is willing to ask/demand better. I know, from a sports writer friend, that there have been other minor issues with recruiting that pissed off Pruitt. The difference is his expectations & willingness to complain. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease


    • Chadwick

      This. X 1,000. It’s as if McGarity has no interest in scanning the CFB world and coming up with a assessment on his own. He’s a classic do nothing manager, in other words, a lackey. Sad.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree Joel. McG is just a beancounter. Doesn’t do shit until a problem develops and/or festers, and then he goes into c.y.a. mode. The word ‘proactive’ is not in his vocabulary.


    • Was going to post the exact same thing. Passive leadership. Lazy.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    **“Do you, having spoken with McGarity for half and hour, feel that the rumors of a growing tension within the athletic department are overstated?”, the answer is …

    No. I do not.”

    OMG, LOOK EVERYBODY! Drama drama. Click here for details! Film at 11

    **Thanks Blutarsky, for pasting that, so I didn’t have to give the schmuck a click.


    • DirtyBird

      I don’t think this was a sensationalist statement, just an observation after a 90 minute interview.

      You rarely see an AD throw his HC under the bus so frequently, unless that HC was on the hotseat or about to be fired.

      Strange, and believe it, there is a massive grand canyon gulf of tension, one side focused on Chmpshps, the other on profits or being minimally good to keep their jobs.


      • Smith, your cognitive dissonance is breath taking. Since discovering this blog last month, you’ve relentlessly bleated that CMR, Bobo & Pruitt “don’t want to win the nattie”.

        You make more sense when you clamor for more snaps for Bauta.


  5. Uglydawg

    Everybody needs to treat the asshat like what he is..an exotroll..he doesn’t post on here (though sometimes I wonder who’s who) but he still manages to troll the blog. Forget he exists and you’ll have a happier holiday season.


  6. Bright Idea

    Where are the rumors of tension in B-M coming from? No doubt from Mark Bradley. I see tension in B-M as a good thing. It is a business centered on competition and everybody should always be on edge.


  7. Irishdawg

    Bradley is a clown and everyone is right to mock him, but if Tech has an IPF, then there’s no excuse for us not having one. I was looking at Texas A&Ms weight room, and it’s insane. We might be lagging behind a bit in the facilities area just a bit


  8. DirtyBird

    As usual, AD McStupid misses the point.

    Hey AD “The Buck Gets Passed Here” McStupid, what are Y-O-U responsible for exactly?

    Blaming everything on CMR, seriously man, who does that to their cash cow?

    Are you THAT reactive in planning to NOT foresee the need for a big time Indoor facility, do you ONLY take action once you’re EMBARRASSED by the cacophony of coaches who have to grovel for things they need to win champshps?

    if so, what does THAT say about Y-O-U-R COMMITMENT TO WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS Bro, this lack of foresight thing, and lack of financial commitment?

    Shouldn’t champshps be on everybody’s mind in the admin instead of profits anyways???

    Leadership ain’t about passing the buck, or blaming your cash cow CMR for all your criticism. Lead, discover a vision of the future Bro, think Champshps FOR A CHANGE man, financially invest in what it will take to get THERE.

    quit this nickle and dime middling in average tightwad bullshit.

    You don’t pay CMR, Bobo jack shit in the SEC context.

    Cut the bullshit, we know it’s Y-O-U.

    Admit you screwed up, why don’t you ever admit to screwups and take responsibility for your organization’s shortcomings since Y-O-U are supposed to be in charge??

    Why NO Championships in football and basketball during your illustrious tenure?

    Basketball is a joke, and CMR’s win % DROPPED to a career low of 65% during 2010-2013, the first 4 years of your illustrious tenure, 65%, that’s your contribution man?

    Are you helping this program win Champnshps?

    AD McStupid is NOT a helpless VICTIM, I don’t buy his “I’m the victim here” bullshit for one second.


  9. DirtyBird

    i’ll give an example of where AD McStupid’s talk doesn’t equal his walk.

    He says in that interview, he’s always focused on what the coaches need.


    CMR had to pay his assts out of his own pocket years ago for a bonus.

    AD McStupid knew about this, and is still underpaying the staff.

    He just flows with bullshit out of his lips.


    • Cojones

      With school out for the holidays, I realize you will attempt more knife insertions in this blog. Suggestion: try not using invectives to make a point and quit pretending. You are about as subtle with your trashtalk as a redneck at an NAACP convention. C’mon, son, grow up.


  10. Cojones

    Why in the world would MacG give an interview to the NATS readership?


  11. PTC DAWG

    Your last sentence Senator, and a comment. Bradley doesn’t use enough of his brain for me to read his dribble. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy your take on it at times…but not enough to give the AJC a thing.


  12. Cojones

    Bluto, don’t you think the need for an IPF was emphasized long ago when Richt was bussing the team to the Falcon facilities? He certainly brought the subject up with his actions. Why should a successful coach have to beg hat-in-hand for what he sees as a need? I thought we were in this conversation before MacG arrived.


    • Exactly, Cojones! For those who call him McFrugal or other names, this was the Georgia Way long before GM showed up in Athens. I guarantee any IPF has to be approved above McGarity (and the athletic board) because that property belongs to the University not the AA.


  13. Ben

    I love the name calling here. That’s just awesome.

    As for what they’re doing, I think the IPF has been a big deal for Richt for a while, but Evans would never do it for him. They put money into the offices and weight room and took up valuable space with that. Evans ran a profitable AA, but his decision making was questionable.

    I get McGarity’s concern, but if that IPF is a big deal, it needs to be done.

    To make an analogy, if you’re a recruit, sometimes you’ll go on a date with a pretty girl and sometimes you’ll go on a date with one who has lots of money. We’re Georgia. We should be both, but sometimes you get like Auburnand realize someone is going to come and cut up your credit card.


  14. Bulldog Joe

    Greg’s primary directive is to forward as much of our athletic contributions as possible to the UGA Foundation for use by the University on non-athletic initiatives. The purpose is to make the UGA more attractive to research grants and investment, raising its endowment to match other peer institutions.

    Part of this directive is to defer athletic expenses as long as possible and/or fulfill athletic needs with separate specifically-directed private donations.

    I do not doubt our coaching staffs have requested the same type of facilities, support, and compensation their competition already utilizes.

    However, unless a private individual steps up and pays for it, these requests go directly against the primary directive.

    Greg’s job is to give the coaching staff and Georgia contributors the passive/aggressive impression something is being done to improve atheltics when in fact nothing is being done.

    In the end, he sounds no more credible than Jimbo Fisher attempting to delay any discplinary action until after his player leaves FSU.

    What an awful job to have.


    • edawg

      This is spot on. It’s the Georgia Way.


    • Cojones

      I suspicion that part of his directive from the Old School crowd was to make Richt uncomfortable enough to leave so as to avoid the fallout from angry fans. There is evidence that that directive is still in play and I’m starting to get pissed about the disrespectful foot dragging that’s going on.

      For you Engineers: How long does it take to approve and build a fancy barn when you really want to?


      • Cojones, this is a surprising comment from you. Who’s the “old school” crowd that wants to make CMR uncomfortable enough to leave? I assume you are implying some of Dooley’s old players who don’t want to see CMR become the program’s winningest coach.


        • Cojones

          I had a reply typed, but lost it when attempting to repost the stylus. In short, this blog went over the “leaked” words coming from a meeting of MacG and the Bd of Regents early in his tenure and that was aimed at Richt being fired as had been discussed at MacG’s hiring. Perhaps the incident can be resurrected from this blog’s archives.

          In short, with the likes of Fran Tarkenton throwing his two cents onto the funeral pyre that was building under Richt at the time and with the Bd and MacG allowing Richt to twist in the wind of fan opinion without their support, I thought it was a chickenshit move of nonsupport that did nothing good for anyone. A season that began with two losses after a losing year attributed to O line injury and happenstance ended in a 10-2 season that vindicated the team and Richt as a coach. Richt was the only person left standing with character intact out of all the participants.

          The best support that MacG has to muster since then remains the words reused in the AJC: “Richt still remains our coach.” ; not the best of words to denote solidarity, do you think? By the way, back at that time, I remember Bradley fanned the flames of Richt’s intended demise with alacrity.

          In my management days, I always took the position that when I had to fire someone, it was a failure both on the employee’s part and mine. I think we should hold MacG to the same standard.


      • edawg

        I respectfully disagree Cojones. The high ups actually like Richt b/c he runs a clean ship, he’s a good person, he’s been winning enough to prevent an all out fan rebellion (i.e. the money is still coming in and not dropping off), and he doesn’t fight them too much or rage against the Georgia Way. For the most part, he falls in line with the directive.


      • 69Dawg

        Mark is an obedient servant. He raised the issue of IPF years ago and was told to sit down and shut up. He did and even quit taking questions regarding it. He doesn’t care about the money for himself but for the mission of being a college football coach. He got slapped on the wrist by the NCAA for actually having the audacity to pay his coaches bonuses out of his own pocket. McFugal says that Mark controls the distribution of his lump sum for coaches salaries but McFugal control the lump. I predict that CJP will be out the door as soon as he can. After Alabama and FSU these amateurs at B-M must be driving him crazy.


        • Professionals at FSU? That program was going into the toilet until last year. The problem in Tally is that everyone from the president down to head football coach is “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

          A couple of years ago people were beginning to wonder if Fi$her was going to get things going there. The Criminoles had become irrelevant. If the Tally PD was the ACC, they wouldn’t be able to field a team without asking for walk-ons from the student body.


          • Uglydawg

            “Professionals at FSU? That program was going into the toilet until last year. ”
            Correction, eethomaswfnc…That program IS the toilet.


        • edawg

          I tend to agree 69. I can’t see CJP putting up with the Georgia Way for very long.


  15. Our facilities have slipped so bad that we’re now 2nd in the nation in recruiting. I’m sorry. But the IPF is a total tempest in a teapot.


    • Maconga

      An IPF does more than just help recruiting.


    • That ranking is inflated. I counted 5 db commits and 3 athletes–8 that can play in the defensive backfield. How many people at those positions left the team in the last year or so? Refilling a lot of a skill-type position means you get guys with more stars (many of whom play both ways in HS). If your needs are all OL and FB…I’ll bet the average star ranking is lower. So you are right…the ranking is high. But it is not a justification not to build or improve facilities. Especially considering it will take forever to get whatever they build built. These recruits will all be gone by then.


  16. DirtyBird

    Breaking, my sources tell me UGA football will have a new Dir of Football Operations, from what I hear, Brad is staying with the team, just not in that role.

    Interesting if true.

    Can anyone confirm?


    • If by “sources”, you mean Twitter, I don’t know any more than you do.


      • DirtyBird

        Ha, no, twitter was not a source, that twitter link said he didn’t know if Brad would stay with the team.

        I cannot say anything else about my sources. Just thought I’d share some breaking news before you guys heard it from the mainstream media.

        If my info is correct, Brad is staying with the team but will not be in the same role. Stay tuned.


  17. 79Dawg

    Surprised no one’s mentioned that on the ticket renewal form we got this week, there was a special box to check if you were interested in donating for the IPF… Will be interesting to see how many are willing to put their money where their mouth is…


  18. The only reason we need an IPF is for recruiting. Everything else is a very distant second. Actually, we may need it more to stave off the NEGATIVE recruiting. Crazy how crazy this recruiting thing has gotten.


  19. I remember when Bradley was a credible journalist. The internet and social media have really done a number on the profession.


  20. DirtyBird

    Thing is, CMR will outlast AD McStupid, CMR won a lot more often before AD McStupid came on board, so he’ll win a lot with the NEXT AD.

    The problem isn’t CMR, he won SEC 2 chmpshps at UGA with OTHER AD’s.

    The problem is clearly the AD, and that AD will be lookin for work soon if he doesn’t start supporting CMR with $$$$.

    CMR needs a top shelf defensive staff, top shelf S & C staff and equipment, and his staff and himself need to be paid top shelf.

    Again, only 2 choices: 1) all in with this staff 2) all in with a new staff, fence sitting and being average is not a path to chmpshps.