Saturday morning buffet

Something to snack on before bowl season commences:



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10 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. Cosmic Dawg

    The picture that goes along with the very nice Jordan Jenkins article is frustrating. Wonder why offenses are scoring so much these days? They are truly turning it into a different game.


  2. I’ve followed college football for quite a few years, and watched quite a few bowl games during that time, and I still can’t quite figure out what it is that bowl directors actually do.

    Sounds like an awesome job, though.


  3. Spurrier: Guy you love to hate. Hope he goes out well, but not at our expense though. 😉


    • Mayor

      I’ve been predicting for a couple of years that when Spurrier retires the Gamecocks will fall back to earth. It looks like just the RUMOR of Spurrier retiring is going to be enough for the Gamecocks to fall back to earth.


  4. Spike

    The Cocks and self-pity. SWEET. 🙂


  5. Anyone see the transfer being a contributor? I can’t open the link but does he have to sit a year or can he play immediately since they disbanded their football program?


  6. How could it be at our expense ? AHD you need to focus on the IPF! Get busy Man 💻🎅