Never gonna get it right.

ESPN polled college football coaches about the playoffs.  107 responded.  Nearly one-third of them “…believed the selection committee did not pick the best four teams for the inaugural playoff.”

My first thought was “that few”?

Maybe they should have been asked if they thought the most deserving had been chosen.


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8 responses to “Never gonna get it right.

  1. HottCheese

    Nearly two-thirds of them believed the selection committee did pick pick the four best teams for the inaugural playoff. In America, we call this a supermajority. We’ve seen how these coaches vote in the polls; I’d say 2/3 is pretty convincing.


  2. If they were to follow the BCS models to pick the 4 teams then they nailed it, those are the 4 the BCS would have picked


  3. Macallanlover

    Coaches Poll is the least informed poll of all so how much credibility do they have collectively? All they can tell with the amount of football they watch is the W/L record, which is what even an over-served AP voter can provide.


  4. No Senator, they are never gonna get it right. That’s a fact! Everything is so convoluted. So sad…my Grandsons will never know the the pure Joy of College Football. It was a wonderful and beautiful thing for a century.


  5. Frisbee Dawg

    107 SID’s errrr college football coaches responded


  6. Another vote for more job security … um, I mean more brackets.

    I never thought I would say this, but the WWL is almost making me wish for the end of the college football season with the wall-to-wall hype of the playoff at the expense of everything else. NFL Lite, here we come …


  7. Mayor

    What bothers me about the 4 team playoff and the selection committee business is that it has cheapened the conference championships. So, you won the Big 12 Championship–so what?? Did you make it to the 4 team playoff? No??? You’re crap!!