“I think some stuff was going on that he hasn’t figured out yet.”

You think there are changes coming on the defensive staff at Auburn?  I think there are changes coming on the defensive staff at Auburn.


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  1. Macallanlover

    Other than the abnormal salary for Boom being unusual, I don’t get the attention and consternation about the combo of Malzahn’s offense and Muschamp’s defense at Auburn. Will they be a formidable combo? Certainly one team to be respected, but the combo of Richt/Bobo’s offense and Pruitt’s defense takes a back seat to no one on our schedule. We have had good success against Boom in the past at both LSU and Auburn and outscored Malzahn in the two games since he has been the HC. It will be a tough game on the Plains this coming fall but who would trade our position? Auburn fans have to be concerned about us as well as UGA has dominated the series recently and return a lot of talent from a team that clocked them in November.

    You don’t play in the SEC as a contender if you are afraid of challenges, my biggest concern is if Bobo were to leave. I hope for Mike he gets the HC offer today at CSU but would miss the consistent high performance of UGA’s offense that we have enjoyed under Bobo.


    • Auburn fans ought to be more concerned than we ought to be. Unless he recruits lights out they are gonna struggle on defense simply because of the pressure that malzahn’s style puts on that side of the ball. It’s really an oil and water combo as far as I’m concerned. I think that malzahn would be better off with a john Thompson, manny diaz or joe lee Dunn type who plays a high risk high reward style of defense. If you are malzahn you want a quick punt a turnover or screw it let them score and give me the ball back type of approach or a joe kines approach that bends but doesn’t break. Let them run up and down the field between the 20’s but no TD’s. Muschamp showed his colors as a head guy. He wants the offense to score a little while not putting his defense in bad positions.


  2. ClydeBoogie

    Oh please…please….PLEASE let them can that sorry azz Garner!! It would serve him right.


  3. The other Doug

    Trooper Taylor is coaching CBs at Arky State.


  4. Mike

    TRob from Florida is rumored to be following Muschamp to Auburn. Hh is one helluva recruiter, as well as being a damn fine secondary coach.


  5. 69Dawg

    Well maybe Rodney can undermine Auburn like he did us. He’s still not gotten a whiff at being a DC and you know that has got to suck.


  6. Rodney is a very nice guy. I met him many years ago at a Party. He was there with Vince. He was so helpful explaining along with Vince why the “List” for what to bring to Auburn FB camp was so different from the GEORGIA list. He knows I kid about the “Bag Man” thing. I was so happy for him when he got to go home. 🎅


  7. jollyrogerjay

    Will’s defenses at Auburn in 06 and 07 were very good. I’m looking forward to having him back. Nothing can be worse than what I witnessed in Athens, and the 4th quarter against bama in Tuscaloosa. Auburn will be improved and the schedule is more manageable.