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Movin’ on.

Three tidbits from Seth Emerson:

  1. John Lilly will call the plays in the bowl game.  So at least we’ve got somebody new to bitch at if things don’t go right.  (Though it would be kinda cool if they’d try this again.)
  2. Richt claims he’s already received “tremendous” interest in the open offensive coordinator position.  I don’t doubt that.
  3. As expected, Will Friend was officially announced as Colorado State’s offensive coordinator.  (He’ll still coach in the bowl game, though.)  I assume that was a move made with Richt’s blessing.  It would be nice to see Richt hit a home run with Friend’s replacement.


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Why you gotta love bowl season, ctd.

In yesterday’s Hawaii Bowl, Rice RB Jayson Carter, all 4’9″/140 pounds of him, got in for a play, gained a couple of yards and took a pretty good lick, to boot.

He’ll always be a college football player.



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Have a Shane MacGowan Christmas!

I always bounce between my two favorite Christmas songs.  This year, you get the Pogues.

Enjoy the day, y’all.


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