Miss Manners at the Belk Bowl

My, isn’t everyone on their best behavior.

It was the briefest of conversations, but Damian Swann got a chance Saturday to talk again with Todd Grantham. The two ran into each other at a luncheon as part of Belk Bowl festivities.

“He was in line. And I was trying to get back to my food,” Swann said. “So it was kinda like, ‘Hey coach how you doing?’ Just a cordial greeting.”

Everyone has been trying to emphasize cordial feelings when it comes to the Grantham story. He spent four seasons as Georgia’s defensive coordinator before bolting for the same job at Louisville in January. But no bad blood remains, everyone claims.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt ran into Grantham at a coaches reception Friday night. The two and their wives said hello to each other, as well.

That is so nice.  It would have been a lot more fun if someone offered to perform the Heimlich maneuver if Grantham looked like he was choking again.

Come Tuesday, somebody had better be behaving badly, or I’m gonna be disappointed.  A little ass showing, please.  It’s half the reason I’m going to be watching.


UPDATE:  This is a little better.

Malcolm Mitchell listed the various reasons for his Georgia team to get up for Tuesday’s Belk Bowl, be it a 10-win season or the seniors.

“And this is a chance for us to beat Coach Grantham,” Mitchell added. “We’ve got to enough motivation.”

… But when it comes to this game, well, offensive lineman Greg Pyke described the Grantham factor as, “It’s not revenge, but it just kind of makes you want to win more.”

… Others like offensive lineman Kolton Houston spent time on Grantham’s field while on scout team.

“We competed against him for so long,” Houston said. “We did it in scrimmages, but in a game setting we want to actually try to go out there and beat him.”

Go get him, boys.


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30 responses to “Miss Manners at the Belk Bowl

  1. Ben

    I’d rather our coaches be acting like that than the clown who’s in charge at Arky. As if we didn’t need any more evidence that he’s a Class A jerk, his photo-op with Charlie Strong proved it.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Other than Grantham taking credit for everything good that happened at Georgia during his stay, I can’t see a reason to be unpleasant. In mid range hindsight, his departure worked out well for everybody.

    On the other hand, if any of our coaches know what pushes his buttons and makes him go ballistic during a game, I’d enjoy seeing that.


  3. I hope Evil Richt makes the trip to Charlotte on Monday and stays through Wednesday morning. He’s going to have to motivate the players because it’s clear the fan base is as excited about this as we were last year in Jacksonville.

    If there was a time to surprise the team with a black jersey or something similar, this game may be it.


  4. doofusdawg

    This game is personal. The coaches can deny it all they want but this is all about cmr and pruitt vs. grantham. A two touchdown win is the only satisfactory outcome imo. I’m sure the players know it as well.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, that is an undeniable factor regardless of how much “playing nice” is attempted by those involved. But I really don’t think it have any significant impact for those on the field. I don’t think our players have any animosity toward TG, and there is certainly no reason for Louisville players to care one bit about Pruitt. I think the usual “playing for pride” factors and preparation will determine who comes the closest to performing to their potential. UGA is a better team, and would win decisively during the season 8 times out of ten, but this is the whacky season, and it is just an exhibition game. That doesn’t mean players shouldn’t play hard, but you just can’t make seem as intense as a regular season conference game.

      In the second half Tuesday night I wish CMR would only play guys who will be back for 2015. Tell the seniors before the game that the first half will be their last so give it their all, but the 2nd half marks the beginning of next year’s team and that is what we are focusing on. I want to see Bauta and Ramsey at QB, and two new ILBs. Time to stop reading more into these bowls as anything more than prep for next year. Have some fun and showcase the upcoming team to the fans while getting some film to teach the “newbies” from.


      • Agree in theory with your perspective but I think a final top 10 finish means something for recruiting and entering offseason preparations. I play my top 22 until the game is in hand.


        • LC

          The game means something to a few Seniors, also means something to Coach Lily should he get the “W”, that’s about it. No one else really cares.


          • Wrong, LC…I’m a Georgia Dawg and don’t like to lose to anyone. The team will play for personal and team pride or else there’s no need to play the game. You don’t spend all the days of your youth learning the game and trying to get to the first team at every level to just show up for a game. Beat the damn Cardinals…you don’t have to hate anyone as an individual but when you step on a field it is the last noble form of combat and you play to win. I think Lombardi said,”show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser!”. Our dawgs play to win if for nothing else than they’re Georgia!!


        • Macallanlover

          I get that, I wasn’t just talking about us doing it, suggest all non-playoff bowls do something like that to take the “serious” nature some assign to meaningless games away and make them more interesting to fans. More might travel to the game to get a preview of next year, final rankings should be when the “real” games are over. Another of my “won’t happen” ideas (like letting RS players get in the games without penalty.) Adds a little “spice” to things, always a worthy pursuit in life.


      • Hope they do it like that. It is the honorable thing to do. That is what I call The Georgia Way.⛪️


  5. CannonDawg

    Richt’s got a lot on his plate, and I seriously doubt that Todd Grantham is taking up any more space than any other opposing DC would. Richt’s got important open positions to fill, and I’m sure he knows all too well that Bobo’s loss will be considerable, both personally and professionally. He also knows how unfairly the loyal Bobo was treated, and I have to think he is bothered by that and all else that goes with dealing with B-M. He very badly needs to win the bowl game not so much to have beaten Grantham–again, that’s background noise to Richt– but to keep McGarity from using it as a club when they have their end-of-year “body of work” review.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Richt needs a win. Any other issues or decisions need to be put completely aside. After blowing our chances for the sece, the secc, the playoffs, and a much better bowl game, this team can’t come out soft or indifferent. We lose this game and all the ‘underachiever’ catcalls are front and center. The fans had expectations built up (yet again) with the Pruitt hire. A poor showing, combined with Bobo’s departure, would put us right back to people seriously questioning Richt’s ability to deliver a contender.


  6. LC

    0-2 in last 2 conf championships, 1-3 in last 4 Bowls.

    We won’t win it, but guess I’ll watch one more year.


  7. stuckinred

    Anyone know of a charter bus going from Athens?