“We’re gonna continue to do what we do offensively.”

When it comes to the coming offensive coordinator hire, Mark Richt expects the new OC to be true to his (new) school.

“As far as we’re gonna be very serious about running the football, we’re gonna be very serious about play-action pass, we’re gonna be very serious about being able to drop back and throw the ball as good as anybody. We’ll still have the ability to use fast tempo. All those things will be in place.

“The skill sets that we’ve recruited for, they have nothing to worry about, because we’re gonna use them to their fullest.”

And why shouldn’t he?  Georgia’s offense has been the best in school history the past couple of seasons.  A radical restructuring shouldn’t be in the cards, at least not for some of the flimsy reasons I’ve seen expounded by Internet experts.  Georgia uses a system that built on what Richt brought with him, that he’s comfortable with and that’s taken in a few wrinkles to adapt to changes in the way the game’s being played now.  And as Richt points out, Georgia’s offensive recruiting is based on what’s working.

If you’re looking for a cautionary tale about the consequences of shaking things up and then not buying into the results, look no further than our friends on the Plains.  Two of Auburn’s last three head coaches lost their jobs in large part because of changes at the offensive coordinator position that either the rest of the staff couldn’t accept or because the new man couldn’t work effectively with the personnel already in place.

I’m a big believer in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory of play calling.  Seems to be an equally effective approach for choosing a coordinator to run your offense.


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17 responses to ““We’re gonna continue to do what we do offensively.”

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    My time in the arena has been mostly vicarious, but it looks to me like there are some pretty good pro-style offensive minds looking for work after the season-ending firing party in the NFL Business.


  2. heyberto

    I couldn’t agree more. We’ve altered mindsets on the defensive side of the ball and had to endure the learning curve more often than I like. With an improving Defense, I don’t want to rock the boat on Offense. We don’t need a Bobo clone in the booth, necessarily, but with a new QB being broken in, the timing couldn’t be better for a new O coordinator that can maintain the kind of offense we have to come in and find his legs with the personnel we have. He can afford a few speed bumps along the way next season… well.. moreso than in a typical year… but we (and Mark Richt) can’t afford multiple years of getting up to speed.


  3. Sparrow

    Bobo’s departure has become my bellwether for deciding to engage in conversation with other Georgia fans. I am amazed at the number of people who think we are lucky Bobo is gone and that we need a real change on offense. Initially, I tried to defend Bobo and our performance as of late, but quickly realized there is no point. I really hope that this transition is as smooth as possible and that we don’t have to experience what change away from success feels like…


    • It’s like trying to argue with Truthers, Sparrow. Just walk away or you’ll be tempted to punch them right in the throat. Anyone who thinks we’re lucky Bobo has moved on is delusional and probably talks to his house plants.


    • FarmerDawg

      Well said, change for the sake of change is asinine.


  4. Russ

    I haven’t seen any potential names for replacement. Who are the rumor mongers picking for our new OC?


  5. Don’t pay any attention to rumors. Trust that…God is in control of this matter. Bobo’s replacement will be a worthy individual, who may be more fitting to replace CMR in 5 years. We shall see. Bashert ! 💒


  6. jermainesdye

    Mike Bloomgreen. Repeat after me. Mike Bloomgreen. Bloomgreen, Mike. Mike Bloomgreen. Mike Bloomgreen. Under the Big Tree, Mike Bloomgreen. Michael Scott Bloomgreen. Mike Bloomgreen. M.B. Michael Bloomgreen….(repeat, recite, like the incense stick)…


  7. 69Dawg

    Well I guess the “it will be the same” means we will still not have a 5-Star OLine to pave the way. The Oline hire scares me more than the OC hire.