Pithy wisdom: from Herschel to Nick

It’s not just the stats Nick Chubb ran up last night that put his name in the same conversation with the greatest player in Georgia history.  It turns out he’s capable of making a few one liners of his own, too.

This one’s reminiscent of Walker’s immortal “The ball ain’t heavy” pearl:

“I do get tired during the game, but if Coach is going to keep me in there, I’m going to push through it,” Chubb said. “If you score, you get off the field.”  [Emphasis added.]

Enjoy the next couple of years, folks.


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38 responses to “Pithy wisdom: from Herschel to Nick

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    He’s not as big as Herschel, not as fast as Herschel, but Nick Chubb WORKS as hard as any running back I have ever seen. Last night he was the James Brown of running backs…hardest working man on the field.

    Thanks Nick, I hope you had as much fun doing it as I did watching it.


  2. Cojones

    Good words to end this year.

    Happy New Year to all you Good Dawgs.

    You too, Scorp. 🙂


    • I’m guessing your stent went well. I hope you didn’t give your nurses a hard time. My sister brought my dad up from south Georgia. He’s 86. In last stages of CHF. Pulling the O2 trolly and using a walker. My youngest son swung by with about 7 of his fellow law students and grabbed the van and headed to the bowl game. A lot of them were going to scalp tickets. Left before nine got to the game after 12. They all arrived back to pick up their cars just after 2 am. Treated them all to salmon and eggs. Chief cooked the salmon on the grill. Left his O2 inside while he did it. Safety first he said. He looked swallowed up in his bulldog sweatshirt. I’m guessing he has watched his last football game with me. He had a big time, but wore himself out. Bosses me around like I was 16 again. Tough old bird.


      • Awesome memories. My favorite thing about UGA football with my dad is that it’s the only time in my life I’ve known we won’t get into an argument. Never have in thirty something years of attending and I don’t see that changing if it hasn’t by now. It’s like an unwritten and unspoken rule between us. It’s a lot tougher on him now and I find myself thinking about that first game without him.


      • stuckinred

        My wife’s dad was a die-hard Hokie and he came down with the whole family for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in 2006. He had helped us redo our house in Athens and was so proud of how it came out. The ABH did a little article on the “Family Feud” angle and that was fun too. The day after the game he said ” this is my last trip down here” and he was right. There are so many memories tied up in football.


      • That is so sweet☺️ Sounds like a good ole Dawg. Isn’t it amazing what these young ones can do in a day?


      • Cojones

        Those are wonderful sentiments, fellahs. AHD, your father will outlive us all; still practicing safety at 86. I eschewed the Oh-Two tank before the operation, but quit hitting the ganga instead (and having deep breathing exercises). Don’t even miss it although the back-up brownies for a better life are on the way (into the freezer until game or party time). You should have a serious thought about a small piece of brownie for his continued old age. Organic food at it’s best. He probably already sneaks out (unknown to you and your sister) and parties with the rest of us. Does he ever ramble a little about two girls washing cars in Lowes’s parking lot down here? Some of the walker group at the sports bar down here sport a tank in a sling and they always check the pressure before going to Lowes. One of them is getting an underwater rebreather just in case.

        My sons are spread from Tx to Mt, but they always stay in touch, especially on Mother’s Day. They tell me I’m the biggest mother they know and send my wife sympathy cards. Such nice boys/men, but a shade too maudlin (if you get my drift). All of us old farts boss our sons around since our brains still have memories of your first steps trying to fetch a beer, that look of love and innocence written all over your faces as we taught your little fingers how to make a bird when seeing the initials of our rivals on someone’s cap while strolling lovingly and holding our hand, letting you know that laughter is a big part of life by teaching you to laugh loudly and point when your aunt farts, the poignant memory of teaching you to pee only on trees in the yard after you pee on the Christmas tree and teaching you and the dog not to eat yellow snow; I’m tearing up with these memories that only us old grizzled survivors can remember and because I just realized that I sat on my balls (another liability of old-age fathers that explains why my sons don’t have very young brothers).

        Well, we’ve hijacked the thread too long from the serious people and I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year that I hope is filled with laughter and Damned Good Dawgs. We have a great start on next season. Smoke’em if you got’em.


  3. @gatriguy

    He doesn’t have as much top end speed, but he’s a load to bring down.


  4. Irishdawg

    One difference will be he won’t be all the offense like Herschel was. Defenses won’t be able to key on Chubb with all the other Georgia weapons


    • Russ

      Exactly. We have many more weapons, or perhaps we choose to use more weapons. Plus, Michel, Douglas and Marshall backing him up are no slouches. The future looks bright.


  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    I have one request for the Internet…Please, please, please give me some sort of gif, meme, or whatever you call it of Nick Chubb and Bubb Rubb. I want to hear “its those whistles that go ‘whooo! whooo!'” while watching him run over defenders in a highlight.

    That’s all.


  6. I just can’t get over the fact that he’s done what he has only starting half the season. He’s set such a high standard for himself. I expect the downers to call him a bust if he only goes for 1200 next year. I kinda hope it happens, though, but only because Marshall and Michel have a bigger impact. I kinda felt bad for Sony last night.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Sony had a couple beautiful runs last night after the long one by Chubb.

      I trust Bryan McClendon. He has plenty of confidence in Sony, putting him right back in after the fumble.


      • WF dawg

        The screen pass was a fine play by Sony. The KO return, too. I think he still would have housed it had the penalty not been committed.


  7. Beakerdawg

    I can’t wait to hear what Des has to say about Chubb…


  8. After a while, defenders just don’t want to tackle him anymore. He’s so low to the ground with that size and speed. I like the way Richt puts it – he runs heavy. Please, please, please keep him away from shady memorabilia dealers who are one step away from living under a bridge.


    • 69Dawg

      +100 Please dear Lord protect our guys from every evil SOB that knowingly tries to profit by the weakness of youth. I want him health and eligible for two more years.


  9. AusDawg85

    LOL We now know more about the 15%ers…they must party hard, because through 7 posts today already, not a single one of them has appeared to say anything positive about last night.

    P.S. Mason made some great throws early…bomb to Conley was perfect, a quick out to Conley to convert 3rd and short was sharp (and a gutsy call), and some over the middle bullets even when dropped. Ran for a 3rd down conversion too. Bottom line…he had plenty of skill, was used most effectively, may he recover and lead a productive, fulfilling life. DGD.


    • Normaltown Mike

      The only thing last night needed was a 3 and long wheel route for a huge gain.


    • Macallanlover

      Very telling isn’t it Aus? It is why we should all pay less attention to their weirdness, it is obvious a ploy to cause damage, they are not real fans in more than one way you would define that. Some here know how to express concerns and still recognize the need for improvements without doing it in a hateful, destructive way. Speaking of which, unless there was some physical reasons I am unaware of, why were both Chubb and Michel on the bench when we were trying to seal the deal in the 4th Qtr? I am a huge fan of Douglas, he is a baller, but there is a reason the other two are ahead on the depth chart. Was that something Lilly called for? Had not seen that before at that point of the game unless we were short-handed.


      • Cojones

        The important thing, Mac, was they were in there at the last, made Petrino pay and placed a Red and Black nail in Grantham’s future coffin. Chubb did it with zest and to my satisfaction.

        Conley was dynamite and will be sorely missed by this oldster. This team was filled with very bright Dawgs.


    • Cojones

      You did see that Mason broke Bobo’s and Georgia’s record for pass completion percentage, didn’t you? Ole Noodle is my hero. Great guy who deserves all the MVP Awards from his team and coaches.



    When UGA was recruiting Marshall, he was the big fish and Gurley was a VERY nice addition. This year past year, Sony Michel was the big prize and Chubb was the VERY nice addition. Rather ironic that this would happen twice within a short time that the lower rated( by Rivals) back would be the one that turns into the superstar. .


  11. Goat Balls

    Walker my Dawg ran OVER people on a pretty regular basis, but I’m a Chubb fan.

    Anybody notice Lorenzo Carter hustling all over the field last night? Good stuff. He seems a little gangly though.

    Was I seeing things or did our secondary look better last night?

    Louisvilles defensive line was pretty stout. Kind of impressive.


  12. Spike

    Chubb never EVER gives up on a play. He always looks for a hole and a few extra yards! Can’t wait to see him next year.


  13. I enjoyed that game a lot more than I expected to.

    I am disappointed nobody has forced Grantham to answer for his pathetic defensive performance. He got obliterated. He loaded the box and totally sold out on defending the run, and we still put 300+ yards rushing up on him. What a scrub.

    Sad that Mason had to go out on an injury. He was a solid QB and a DGD and I am glad we had him to lead the team this year. It seems that neither Ramsey nor any of the other youngsters were ready for the big stage, so I am glad we had Mason to mind the store.

    As much as this season was more painful and more disappointing than possibly any season in my ~40 years of support, I am still happy that we had some good wins and will finish with a respectable 10 wins and possible top 10 ranking.

    The next 2-3 seasons will likely be the most critical chapter in the Richt era. Either we will return to championship form (at least one SEC championship, perhaps national), or we’ll be moving on to a new era.

    Like Mason, I am glad we had CMR as a coach these last ~15 years. He restored the reputation of our program, won a ton of games, and gave us all some great times watching.

    Looking forward to 2015!


    • Cosmic Dawg

      As much as this season was more painful and more disappointing than possibly any season in my ~40 years of support

      What?!? Really?!

      , I am still happy that we had some good wins and will finish with a respectable 10 wins and possible top 10 ranking.

      Me too!


      • What?!? Really?!

        Yeah, because of how everything played out.

        We have obviously had far worse seasons and spans of years where our program seemed dead in the water (Vince Dooley without Herschel, Goff, etc.).

        But this team demonstrated early that it actually was a lot better than expected, and yet somehow managed to choke away (in various painful ways) three very winnable games.

        The way this team roller coastered your hopes and left you with an intense feeling of what could have been was just brutal.


  14. Was a great game by Chubb and the defense. Belk Bowl Beatdown. One of those games when we looked stronger and more physical than our opponent. It’s amazing how much a running game and strong defense will do for a football team.


  15. CannonDawg

    I don’t remember seeing CMR chewing gum like he did last night. Tempted to send him a suitcase full of Trident in his choice of flavors for 2015. It’s nice knowing that Chubb, Michel, and Marshall will be on the field next year. It’s also nice seeing Petrino and his DC get their butts handed to them in the season’s final game. As close as we were this year, and the hard as disappointments were that came with it, I gotta say I was proud of the Dawgs last night for the way they fought and won. Best of luck to all the seniors.

    Happy New Year, DawgNation, and here’s to a healthy, successful 2015!


  16. Uglydawg

    Happy New Dawg Year, friends! Please forgive any slights or unkindesses on my part for this past year. I’ll try to be a kinder Uglydawg in 15.
    And never forget the auld lang syne!


    • Cojones

      Ug, just let us continue to hear your well-put opinions. You, Mac and others give the old farts a good name and a basis to blog. Any perceived slights are on the other guy, not you. Happy New Year, you old fart.