The Chiz is back.

He’s a solid defensive coordinator, so it’s not a dumb hire by any means.

I just wonder how much less he’ll be making than Boom.


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11 responses to “The Chiz is back.

  1. ChilliDawg

    “Trooper & the Hat” just a speed dial away…


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Poor guy. He’s arriving at Chapel Hill AFTER they’ve smoked out all the academic tomfoolery.


  3. stuckinred

    Vic Koenning was a bum!


  4. Spike

    He was solid on the SEC Network as an analyst.


    • Agreed and now he is gone. I therefore, want to be the first person to float the Fienbaum to LSU rumor.


    • Cojones

      Agree with Spike. He didn’t rely on memorized pablum complete with a few Freshman English vocabulary words. At ease, he always came off as having a fireside chat with a room full of fans. He was a fresh relief to most talking heads. He and Matt made a good knowledgeable pair.


  5. North Carolina’s defense couldn’t stop a toddler from crossing a street this year, so they’ve got nowhere to go but up.


  6. Parent

    Well, I really liked Koenning on a personal level; he was by far the most honest, humble coach we met in the recruiting process. We even told him he was probably too honest at times. That said, he just wasn’t clicking with or inspiring the team anymore, so the change will be refreshing at the least. Knowing who the kid’s coach is before moving in on Sunday is good; the team and staff are excited, which is a good start, too. He’s got a big job ahead to get ready for the season opener in Charlotte.


  7. SouthGaDawg

    Prophecy – If Fedora stumbles next year, he gets fired mid-season and the Chiz gets a promotion.


  8. Dolly Llama

    I can’t see Gene Chizik or hear his name without thinking of this: