It’s the end of an era.

This year could be the year.


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29 responses to “It’s the end of an era.

  1. Welcome to Duke, kid.


  2. He still has eligibility?


  3. VoxDawg

    Auburn needs a QB…


  4. TennesseeDawg

    He’d fit in great at Tech


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’ll make somebody a great linebacker.


  6. Jack Klompus

    Awesome. Make him a Tight End. Or maybe He and Tebow can train to achieve their dream of playing in the NFL.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Gotta feel for Driskel, it is not his fault…oh wait, maybe it is…that he’s had a revolving door telling him what to do.


  8. Spike

    How is he a “hostage”??


  9. Saxondawg

    Driskel observed that his seven years as a Gator were some of the best of his life, and he looks forward to a lengthy and fruitful career with another college football program.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I gave my love a cherry without a stone
      I gave my love a chicken without a bone
      I gave my love a ring that had no end
      I gave my love a ….

      Then the new coach gave me the boot!


  10. Granthams replacement

    Spurrier needs a QB


  11. Uglydawg

    He’s playing the second half against E. Carolina right now.


  12. DC Weez

    I salute Jeff Driskell and wish him well. May UF have many QBs like Jeff in the future.


  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Was not Driskell a going away present from Dickhead?


  14. 81Dog

    Florida must have another Brantley on the roster for next year


  15. Cosmic Dawg

    Hard to see even a Gator endure what Driskel went through at Florida. Just enough talent to be a starter on a team with no other options, not nearly enough to ever enjoy it.


  16. Doubledawg09

    Guys, why couldn’t they do this against us….


  17. Jeff Driskel is exhibit #1 for not letting the recruiting services and 1 high school all-star game tell you about a particular player. The services raved about he was going to make the Gator Nation forget about Tim Tebow since he had similar size, better speed, and better passing mechanics. He then went to the Under Armour all-star game and won the MVP(?). The WWL then started their Heisman campaign for him before he even stepped on campus.

    The guy struggled with coaching changes, was thrown out there too early (I think he stepped in when Brantley got hurt his freshman year), got hurt multiple times, and lost his confidence. Through the whole thing, he seemed to represent himself with class and dignity.

    I believe Jacoby Brissett was brought in by Jabba the Hutt at the same time (Muschamp’s 1st class) and got out of there as quickly as possible. Now he’s firmly entrenched as the starter at NC State.

    There’s a lesson in the Driskel affair for us. It shows how important getting the OC and QB coach on the same page is. While getting Pruitt locked up was important, this OC hire is very important as well.


  18. Reservoir Dawg

    If for no other reason than this,

    Jeff Driskel will always be the greatest FU quarterback of our era. Good luck to that guy.