What’s in a name?

Randy Shannon is hired as Florida’s “Associate Head Coach,” co-defensive coordinator, and linebackers coach.

If you’re saying to yourself, “wait a minute, I thought Geoff Collins was hired as defensive coordinator”, you don’t know how to save $50,000 like Jeremy Foley does.


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14 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. PatinDC

    McElwain is building a recruiting juggernaut.


    • Rick

      He better hope so. He’s been on the job for officially a month, with less than a month to NSD and has managed to add a 3-star tight end to their last-in-the-SEC-by-a-mile class. He’s also likely to lose their only 4-star recruit to LSU.

      I’m sure they’ll finish strong but…damn. Tick, tock.


    • The Count

      I thought the rub on Shannon was he screwed up all the relationships with college coaches and ruined the “State of Miami” recruiting bubble The U had?


    • Will (the other one)

      Maybe, but losing Tavaris Robinson has to hurt their recruiting at least in the short-term. Very good DBs coach, and probably the best recruiter on the old staff.


  2. A10Penny

    Yeah, he’s putting together a good coaching staff, IMO.


  3. For Shannon’s challenges as a head coach, he has always been a quality defensive coordinator and a darn good recruiter. He will get players from south Florida to Gainesville.


  4. Certainly a mighty fine looking staff McElwIn is putting together. My fear is that Georgia has miss a grand opportunity to dominate the East with both Tennessee and Florida being down the past several years.


    • Why do you say that? Is it because Jones and McElwain are clearly better coaches?


    • Mayor

      Skeptic, you are right about that squandering the opportunity business. Sooner or later UT and FU come back strong whoever their coaches may be. Football runs in cycles. This past few years should have been the Bulldog cycle. But instead, Georgia couldn’t put it all together even when the Dawgs won the East, and the last 2 years became possibly the start of the Mizzou cycle in the East. What bothers me even more is that we squandered 2 once in a lifetime talents–AJ Green and Todd Gurley–and have basically nothing to show for it. The fact that another once in a lifetime talent (Nick Chubb) has arrived in Athens way ahead of schedule doesn’t change that. Let’s hope his talent isn’t squandered, too.


    • I feel the same way. Letting Missouri win the east twice (wince) and SC win it once are three blown opportunities.

      FL and Tenn won’t be this down forever. We really have made the least out of a golden time with FL and Tenn down so far.


  5. Jack Klompus

    Things must be getting a little tight down there in Gainesville. Seems $50K wouldn’t be cause enough to have that whole title.

    If it’s not the money and is truly about the title, then perhaps we can hope for a different sort of defensive struggle in Gainesville.


    • Dog in Fla

      Jeremy needs to make up for the buy-out thumping he took from Colorado State so why not take a small measure of it from Jeff Long and Bert


  6. ClydeBoogie

    I, thought the imperial Gus-A-Bus Malware had put together the mother load of recruiters when he returned Albarn.Now, he’s firing their asses left and right.