Even when it’s right, it may be wrong.

Kudos to the CFP folks for announcing they’re prepared to defray (up to $1,250) the cost of expenses for student-athletes’ parents or guardians to travel to the championship game, but what a sad comment it is that doing something as obviously proper as this has to be qualified by making it subject to NCAA approval.


UPDATE:  The NCAA steps up and does the right thing.


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8 responses to “Even when it’s right, it may be wrong.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Well, I suppose the parents of the participating athletes can have their travel costs defrayed in some respect…but they better not DARE bring their own non-NCAA sanctioned cups into the stadium.

    Anyone remember this absurdity from the Final Four last year?



    • PatonDC

      “NCAA will fucking cut you if you threaten its corporate sponsorships.”

      Best quote ever. I hope it can make the Senators’s wall one day.


  2. Bulldawg165

    Meh.. The NCAA is just a scapegoat. University Presidents should receive most of the wrath as they are the real folks responsible for these things.


  3. Smitty

    But just a month ago denied Georgia Southern the ability to go bowling despite winning their conference in their first year.


    • Macallanlover

      Heard the conference commissioner did not even back GSU’s “appeal”. said there were teams that had been members for years that6 had a good year as well. Dang, you don’t even want your conference to send the best representatives to bowls….reminds me of the mentality used in Birmingham and why the SEC sends the wrong schools to certain bowls.


  4. heyberto

    Reminds me of all the UGA fans that tried to pay a soldier’s way who was flying halfway around the world for the day or something (his nephew was on the opposing team or something like that) through collection of online donations. NCAA poopooed its. I think it was Boise State?


  5. Dog in Fla

    “During the 2014 Men’s Final Four, the NCAA also hosted a special reception for student-athlete family members.”

    Will there be neverending bagels and cream cheese?

    If so, never let it be said that those who run Candyland don’t do the right thing



  6. Why stop there? Why not allow parents to be hired on to the coaching staff.

    Call it…the Danny Manning rule.