Can I have your undivided attention for a minute?

You know, if it was me paying John Chavis a million three to coach my defense, the least I’d expect is that he not be on the phone job hunting less than half an hour before the bowl game kicked off.


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10 responses to “Can I have your undivided attention for a minute?

  1. This is the problem with our country today. The pool boy can’t get away with anything. The guys who own the pools can do whatever they please without any consequences. As much as pool boy should be fully aware of the nature and scope of confidentiality and at will employment, I’m quite certain that a remedy short of firing would have sufficed.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Are you serious?


      • That he shouldn’t have fired the pool boy? That he shouldn’t make 4 million a year and treat the pool boy like a pos and post it proudly on the Twitter because you know “fuck the pool boy?” Yes I am serious. The rich and the powerful shit all over the poor with impunity and they can continue shit all over the powerless and the reponse to this situation is “are you serious?” Again, yes I am serious. Perhaps you can go choke out a poor guy on a sidewlalk for not following orders and get out your frustrations with my comments. I mean after all the bastard shoulda listened right? After you kill the poor guy on the sidewalk, go spit on a rich guys suit. One of those acts is actually criminal in this country.


      • It was shitty for Sumlin to tweet that he fired the kid. I understand firing him, but the tweeting part was uncalled for. Sumlin should show more class.


  2. Noonan

    The last time I saw Chavis, he was jogging through the club level at Sanford Stadium with a couple of bodyguards, on his way to the booth. Then Bobo and Murray lit him up with 44 beautiful points.


  3. Chris

    Bowl games, outside of the playoffs, are just glorified scrimmages. As far as I’m concerned, a team not in a conference championship game is a team whose season is over.