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To the curious incident of the dawg in the night-time.

Richt stopped in the middle of today’s presser to thank the administration for its support of the Schottenheimer hire (3-year contract, salary not divulged yet) and went on to thank Jere Morehead specifically.  No mention made of McGarity, though.

The man has his subtleties.


UPDATE:  Let Weiszer extend my remarks.

–After Schottenheimer left the room, Richt unprompted made a point to thank Georgia’s administration specifically for stepping up to bring Schottenheimer aboard and give defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt a contract extension and a bump in salary to $1.3 million.

He specifically mentioned only president Jere Morehead.

“A lot of these things are market-driven so to speak,” Richt said. “There are people that pursue our coaches at time. And I guess there’s a cost of doing business.”

Richt was told he’s getting a boost in salary.

“That’s what I hear,” he said.

Asked if other assistants are getting raises or promotions, he said: “There’s some things cooking.”

There had been tension between the football program and administration before the bowl game, but Richt said he has not made any comments about that.

In other words, I’m not the only one who noticed the dawg did nothing in the night-time Richt’s choice of language.



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Insert sigh of relief here

Well, you can check one item on your list of things you hope Mark Richt stressed in the offensive coordinator interview process.

Not to say there weren’t a couple of touch and go moments…


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Know why schools break the rules?

Because they can, and because they can live with the consequences.

I’m not advocating that Georgia join the club, but I can’t help but wonder sometimes why the school is so afraid of running afoul of the NCAA.


UPDATE:  And then there’s this.


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Job two may be job one for Brian Schottenheimer.

Most of the focus on Brian Schottenheimer so far seems to fall on the offensive scheme he’ll be responsible for installing and his playcalling.  But he’s got another responsibility that’s as important.  In fact, given Georgia’s roster, maybe even most important.

Georgia has a new quarterbacks coach in just-hired offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

His to-do list surely will include getting a handle on the players he will be working with at the all-important quarterback position and nailing down a starter with head coach Mark Richt, perhaps as early as this spring.

Brice Ramsey, the top backup in 2014 to the now departed Hutson Mason, reacted on Wednesday afternoon to the Schottenheimer news with two words on his Twitter account: “Pretty pumped.”

We all did our fair amount of bitching about Mike Bobo’s prowess as a coordinator, but nobody complained about the way he developed college quarterbacks.  Schottenheimer has some pretty big shoes to fill in that department.  He’s got some talent to work with, but it’s not exactly polished.  Spring practice is going to be very, very interesting in that regard.  (I can’t wait to hear the troll base jump to conclusions over G-Day performances… well, actually, I guess I can.)

Obviously, Schottenheimer has no track record developing college quarterbacks we can look at, but Weiszer has a brief list of the NFL QBs he’s worked with here.


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She has to burn the village in order to save it.

Given how impressive Donna Lopiano’s suggestions about improving college athletics have been, her thoughts on the NCAA allowing a pittance to student-athletes’ parents in order for them to attend national championship games should come as no surprise.

She and Mark Emmert deserve each other.


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Today’s Spurrier pearl

This is true.

Ah, but if only someone had spent just a little more…


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Friday morning buffet

Outside, it’s cold.  Inside, the buffet is warm.


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