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Titles for everyone!

And raises will follow.

Happy to see Rocker and McClendon being locked down.  Probably not as happy as Mark Richt, though.


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Championship game thread

I don’t have an emotional investment in tonight’s game… other than the usual sadness I’ll feel when another college football season comes to an end.

The pessimist in me sees Ohio State upsetting Oregon because Corch.

The stats geek/trend follower in me notes that over the last three seasons Oregon is 36-0 when scoring more than 28 points in a game (0-4 when it scores less) and has a hard time seeing how Ohio State could hold the Ducks down to that level of scoring.

And you?

Have at it in the comments.


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“We got going on the recruiting end of it.”

Brian Schottenheimer hits the recruiting circuit fast and hard.

Van Jefferson didn’t know who Georgia’s new offensive coordinator would be a week ago.

Since Brian Schottenheimer was hired last Wednesday, the former NFL assistant coach and the Bulldogs’ wide receiver commitment have gotten to know each other twice by phone—once on Friday and again on Sunday.

“He’s a great guy, he’s a cool dude and he talked to me about how I was doing and things he’s going to do in the offense,” said Jefferson, a four-star rated prospect from Brentwood, Tenn. “He’s a great offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was a pro.”

The dead period ends Thursday.  Schottenheimer will meet Jefferson in person Friday.


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Jimmy Sexton gives this move two thumbs up.

And he’s not even Kirby Smart’s agent.  But he knows about rising tides lifting all boats.

If LSU is paying Cam Cameron $1.3 million a year, what do you think Miles could offer Smart?


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Looking ahead to 2015

I know, I know.  They haven’t even crowned the 2014 champ yet, and there are already folks trying to figure out who’s coming to the next semi-finals.

Ed Aschoff has one such team in mind.

When I look at Georgia, I see a team that appears to be a quarterback away from making a deep run through the SEC and hopping into the second-ever College Football Playoff. And really, the Bulldogs could be the best-equipped team in the SEC for such a season.

I like the way his piece is written.  Yes, he sees lots of positives, but not in a sunshine-pumping way.  It’s got more of a “it’s time to live up to expectations, Dawgs” tone to it.

It’s time for Georgia to get out of its own way and go win the SEC title before “Georgiaing” replaces “Clemsoning.”

That may be an even bigger coaching challenge than finding the next starting quarterback.


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Monday brunch buffet

Dig in.  Big night ahead.

  • Due to health concerns, Archie Manning isn’t sure he’ll be back on the selection committee.
  • And Bill Hancock says the selection committee may meet less in 2015.  Has he run that by ESPN?
  • Leading the search for LSU’s next defensive coordinator are Les Miles, assistant director of football operations Dean Dingman… and Miles’ agent, George Bass.
  • Don’t know if this is an outlier, an indication of how offenses have changed college football or something to do with a four-team playoff format, but stopping the run doesn’t look like it’s been a key to winning a national title this season.
  • Jon Wilner estimates that the CFP has resulted in another $18.4 million for the Pac-12/$1.53 million for each of its member schools over what the BCS generated.  It’s profitable to settle things on the field!
  • “I played at the FBS (level), and I can honestly say the only difference between FBS and FCS is depth.”
  • Chad Kelly has his second chance.  SEC need, baby!


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“… and the matter will continue to be evaluated.”

I expect we’re about to discover another reason Todd Grantham was happy to leave Georgia for Louisville.


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Nick Marshall is looking for another chance.

I’m not sure if it’s by choice or by design, but it’s a little strange to see Hutson Mason, Dylan Thompson and Blake Sims all invited to college football all-star games and Nick Marshall not.


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“We don’t cut players. We recruit them, and we’ve got them.”

If there were any justice in this world, every team would negatively recruit against Ohio State by pointing out that Urban Meyer doesn’t pretend to prepare his players for the NFL and have it work.

In the meantime, I’ll just shake my head over the claim that P5 football isn’t semi-professional.  Is it different from the Sunday game?  Sure, there’s less parity and Meyer is right about the difference between recruiting and drafting your talent.

But to make the argument on the day of college football’s first title game under a national playoff format that the difference between the two sports grows ever wider is laughably disingenuous.


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Stumbling to bracket creep

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby thinks a six- or eight-team playoff would “probably in some ways diminish the regular season”, but also says this about what’s already happened:

“The one downside I do think to the playoff is it has somewhat diminished the focus on conference championships insofar as they may play into who gets to go on and play in the four,” Bowlsby said. “It was not as much about winning a Big 12 title as it was about a representative. You’re playing in the SEC West and it really isn’t about getting into championship game or winning the SEC, it’s about [getting in the top four]. Time will tell if that trend continues. I’d have some sense of loss if that were the case, but I think generally speaking it’s been a tremendous success.”

How can you not be sure the trend continues while at the same time acknowledging that your conference very well may have to add a championship game in order for it not to be disadvantaged by the selection committee?


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