Monday brunch buffet

Dig in.  Big night ahead.

  • Due to health concerns, Archie Manning isn’t sure he’ll be back on the selection committee.
  • And Bill Hancock says the selection committee may meet less in 2015.  Has he run that by ESPN?
  • Leading the search for LSU’s next defensive coordinator are Les Miles, assistant director of football operations Dean Dingman… and Miles’ agent, George Bass.
  • Don’t know if this is an outlier, an indication of how offenses have changed college football or something to do with a four-team playoff format, but stopping the run doesn’t look like it’s been a key to winning a national title this season.
  • Jon Wilner estimates that the CFP has resulted in another $18.4 million for the Pac-12/$1.53 million for each of its member schools over what the BCS generated.  It’s profitable to settle things on the field!
  • “I played at the FBS (level), and I can honestly say the only difference between FBS and FCS is depth.”
  • Chad Kelly has his second chance.  SEC need, baby!


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9 responses to “Monday brunch buffet

  1. FisheriesDawg

    An inability to stop the run was almost certainly the reason that Georgia didn’t make the playoffs this year, so I wouldn’t write off run defense just yet.


  2. but stopping the run doesn’t look like it’s been a key to winning a national title this season.
    Say what? There were two teams that rushed for more than 300 yards on FSU in 2014. The Nerds and Oregon.
    OSU rushing total against Saban was a 100 yards higher than anyone else all season.


  3. Is there any doubt as to whether or not Kelly will be cleared by Ole Miss? The facade by Freeze and Ole Miss is seriously laughable.


  4. Will Trane

    The article about LSU’s DC search somewhat sizes it up about D1 football and pro-football. The money is there in NCAA football, and the pro game is shrinking. Perhaps the NYT and Morris will soon understand that. It is hard to that if you are of small mind, unable to think and to reason, and you are totally prejudiced against the NCAA and some conferences [ain’t that right Morris…no SEC].


  5. Gravidy

    “The only difference between FBS and FCS is depth”.

    What does that even mean? Is he saying that the top ten FCS teams could play the top ten FBS teams toe-to-toe if they limited they cut the roster size down to 30-40 players? I don’t believe that for a minute.


  6. Chad Kelly is a perfect example of someone not being able to handle their liquor, he should seriously not drink again…ever