“Why Big-Time College Football Sucks”

Somebody really hates America.


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  1. That guy can go pound sand to bring up Jan Kemp from 30 years ago. Then he fails to bring up the reforms we made in (led by that “gasbag” Vince Dooley, nonetheless) as a result. Loser!


  2. don’t have time for this shit so I’ll read it all later but I start with this premise….don’t EVER listen to anyone one from the Bronx talk about football…EVER…as the scare crow said in the Wizard of Oz,”Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking don’t they?”


  3. ChilliDawg

    “Now I know why tigers eat their young!” Pretty important piece of trash. Guess that’s why Morris had to post at 6 AM… because the garbage men pick up in the morning.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy did he get some coal in his stocking.


  5. Russ

    Wow, sorry I ever clicked on that link. Obviously a jock stole his girlfriend, lunch money, or both when he was in school.

    Never heard of either the author or the website and I wish I’d kept it that way. What a miserable person.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “virtually a secular religion”

    Virtually? Secular? Obviously this feller missed his catechism classes.

    There is really nothing new here. Well, I don’t think Vince Dooley would qualify as a gas bag…I have been around gas bags, Vince is pretty quiet.

    The esteemed Mr. Thomas makes a valid point about the writer not noting the reforms put in place in the wake of the Kemp case, although I am not sure that Vince put them in place.

    I don’t the responses to the piece here will be largely negative, he’s pissing on the toes of the choir.

    I can’t wait for this feller’s next cultural examination…how about organized religion?


    • Dooley was involved in the decision not to sign partial/non-qualifiers. He told Davison there was something to the allegations, but FD went ahead with firing her.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Absolutely correct, EE about the qualifiers. And about FD…all he had to do was let Kemp continue to work… It is less clear, to me, anyway, about the more institutional-level changes that were instituted over time after Kemp. Adams gets blame (or credit, depending on your pov) for lots of things that were in the works under Knapp…the idea all scholarship athletes have to be passed on by a university review board, for instance and the Draconian (compared to the rest of the SEC) behavioral rules for scholarship athletes were some of the reasons, or so I am told, that Dooley decided to become AD only. It is interesting to note Greg McGarity gets blamed for the behavioral rules, which is inaccurate at best.

        Many, many people tried their dead-level best to talk Fred out of letting the situation get into court. Fred just could not get the picture. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Doug

    I was mad enough when the writer basically tried to paint all college football fans as being as craven and delusional as Penn State’s Paterno cultists, but he really lost me when he submitted football as a metaphor for Manifest Destiny and the persecution of Native Americans. That cheapens both football and the struggle of this country’s native populations, and it’s the kind of thing that would come back with “HYPERBOLE!” written on it in red Sharpie even if he’d submitted it in a high-school English composition class.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      It shall forever remain in the mind of Scorpio Jones that Joe Paterno was the TV-weasel appointed spokesman for all that was right with college football following the Kemp case. As I remember it, Paterno damned us with faint praise. Meanwhile in the Penn State locker room…..


  8. CannonDawg

    Wow, that was a really tender piece, huh? Vince Dooley a gas bag? If Mr. Morris has just awakened from the ’80s and discovered that college football is still rife with imperfections, then he need only to peruse this blog to get caught up.

    Of course if he’s looking for the purity of perfection in sports or any other avenue of interest for his gifted, insightful coverage, might I suggest professional wrestling or the United States Congress.


  9. Cojones

    I plead guilty to all that he says about us fans. The author; however, should plead guilty to one-sided yellow journalism. Not posting the good reasons we all iterate to each other in our love of CFB is dishonest, vapid and disengenuous on the author’s part. He does his cause great damage.

    We examine our reasons for attraction to CFB here on a regular basis. This is an adult blog where we examine our foibles with football as a backdrop; honestly and straightforward. We don’t need no troll to tell us about our redneckism that’s mixed with each of our disparate cultural backgrounds that all goes together to make us disgusting CFB fans. We pretty much know the hypocritical nature of our personalities that enables our excuses for cheering for this very American game that reflects our past frontier legacy of looking for a fight and which makes us rail for our team as in a religious fervor. Georgia, more than any other school, exemplifies this passionate fighting spirit with “Getting them between the Hedges” , a reference to gangs fighting each other in an arena where you can’t run away even when getting your ass kicked. That makes us the least hypocritical about our enthusiasm for the game when it represents all the great things that can occur in a University setting if you just have the fighting spirit to achieve.

    Tail-gating is just an extension of that feeling of freedom we all enjoy as well as the drankin’ that goes with it in celebrating our early frontier’s Whiskey
    Rebellion. And brownies for desert.

    So, the author can stuff his self-righteous rant by bending over immediately in front of a game kickoff. We will accept the lost yardage, applaud him on the way to the ambulance and pry the football from his orifice to be autographed and sold at auction for the benefit of the football team. How’s that for good ole ‘Merican Spirit wrapped into CFB?

    Smoke’em if you got’em.


  10. Let me just say that those impossibly beautiful, blond, tanned Georgia Peaches chew up and spit out low life’s like him before breakfast! As if we ever needed a “NFL meal ticket”. nigga please….๐Ÿ˜›


  11. Will Trane

    As former Marine officer it would take a lot for me to be critical of Coach Dooley, a former Marine. In fact Leatherneck Magazine has had a special article about him and former Governor Zell Miler. When Morris has the accomplishments of Coach Dooley he can write his own autobiography about his writings and spinning vinyl along the coast.
    Paterno’s death probably saved him from possible indictments. He may have had 80% grad rate on his players, but in the end he will be remembered for his failures in not seeing the abuse a coach was doing to his failures. Sorry Morris that puts the whole PSU program at zero under Paterno, the AD, and their entire university. Truly the most shameful program in NCAA history.
    But the “boy” fails to see that D1 football is on the verge of passing all sports in this country [and baseball is my game of firsts]. Hands down it is the best.
    The NCAA championship game will dwarf the Super Bowl in time. And just maybe the dwarf Morris will understand that.
    There is not a lot wrong with NCAA football. I read the article because he had to pull UGA into the mix. Of course the NCAA championship game is on tap, and as usual someone has to crawl out of the cesspool and write some story that amounts to nothing.
    Surely in the future the Senator will offer something better than this. We all make gaffes over a long period of time. Think this is a first.
    But I did get a reminder here about Morris. Want he needs to learn is that “it is better to be thought a fool and remain silent, than to write that and remove all doubt”.


  12. CannonDawg

    Semper Fi, Will. TBS Class of 12/70.


  13. DawgByte

    Clearly Bill Morris is a panty waist libtard, so I’m flabbergasted Blutarsky didn’t Goose Step his way into the party line.