Mr. President, please don’t throw the NCAA in the briar patch.

Shorter NCAA Division I Board of Directors chairman Nathan Hatch:  If Congress and the POTUS give our schools permission to continue to do the same unlawful shit the courts are telling us we can’t, I suppose we’ll just have to put up with it.


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13 responses to “Mr. President, please don’t throw the NCAA in the briar patch.

  1. .Bowlsby says, “we’ve shown we’re (NCAA, college athletics?) not capable of self-governance”.

    You can’t make this up, folks.


  2. sectionzalum

    i suspect that if POTUS had cared to throw the prestige of the White House into the mess, Ms. Osbourn wouldn’t have been allowed on the premises.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Frankly I wish the president had gone to Paris, left football to the footballers.


  4. nashvegasdawg

    Dawgs are letting this one slip away


  5. Huntindawg

    Wouldn’t it be cool if schools had actual students that wanted to participate in athletics play on the football tem instead of athletes that just tolerate being students?


    • Wouldn’t it be cool if P5 schools treated athletics as an extension of their academic mission instead of relentlessly monetizing them?

      If you want athletes who are “actual students”, as you call them, there’s a place for you. It’s called Division III. Let us know how it works out for you.


      • Huntindawg

        I’ve read your blog for years. I’m starting to think there are two people that actually write it. First, there is the guy that seems to love college football and wrote your first sentence above. Then, you went out for coffee and personality number two wrote the second two sentences.

        I think what you mean in your second paragraph is that the college football wouldn’t be the profit making machine it is now. There is obviously an inherent conflict in running a professional sports franchise and treating athletics as an extension of the academic mission. I am starting to believe that – at least the way that it is going – it must be one or the other.

        Alternatively, and perhaps this is your real mindset, treat it as a professional enterprise designed to profit the university and advance its educational mission by devoting the profits to that mission. If so, then you pay the athletes just like pros, forget about sending them to school unless they so elect and negotiate it into their contract, and openly accept and acknowledge that it’s nothing more than minor league NFL.


        • My response to you wasn’t based on any of that. I was just letting my inner cynicism out.

          I love that we all tend to romanticize various aspects of big-time college athletics. The folks running the sport count on that. But it’s not reality and hasn’t been so for quite some time.

          In other words, what you wish for isn’t going to happen because it’s not in the best interests of Slive, Delany or any college cashing the checks they help to bring in.

          My advice is to enjoy what you can about CFB. Because it’s all you’re gonna get.

          BTW, thanks for the blog love.


          • It’s lamentable that college Presidents have channelled their second personality as Cookie Monsters guarding the Cookie Jars of revenue producing athletic endeavors.