A green quarterback? How could the head coach allow that to happen?

We get the occasional observation here – okay, it’s mainly from trolls – castigating Mark Richt for going into a season without having an experienced quarterback.  Well, care to take a stab at who South Carolina’s leading returning passer is?

That would be Pharoah Cooper, a receiver.  He had eight tosses to his credit in 2014.

Clearly, this means that Steve Spurrier doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Or else, that he’s like every other college football coach who has to deal with key starters running out of eligibility.

Nah, forget that.  He’s obviously an idiot.


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44 responses to “A green quarterback? How could the head coach allow that to happen?

  1. baitstand

    “…may have went to the Gamecocks’ head…” ???

    Where are sportswriters being educated these days?


  2. Normaltown Mike



  3. A10Penny

    I believe it is a valid topic to question. CMR acknowledged not playing subs enough in the past. Urban was talking about that last week, too. IMHO, I think the Dawgs did better in ’14 than past years, especially in the beginning of the year. But I think the team got away from a good rotation at ILB. I would have liked Ramsey and Bauta to get more snaps this year, but there weren’t that many opportunities more than what they had.


    • Unless a team has a legit qb-by-platoon system, I think backups generally should only play when the game is safely locked up (assuming a healthy starter). We definitely didn’t have the former this past season. Experience for the future is great, but coaches should be concerned first and foremost with winning in the short term.


  4. Coondawg

    Coach Richt has lost control of the Gamecocks roster management!


  5. sectionzalum

    that Murray kid turned out alright.


  6. ClydeBoogie

    Oh dear, what shall Lil old Steven do?……..well he could lose 7 or 8 games, lose to us by 52, get pissy drunk on his show again, and quit after 9 games seems about right.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    At Spurrier’s age, there is the possibility he just forgot.


  8. anon

    Settle down Katherine.


  9. AusDawg85

    After game 2 and the loss to USCe, which was all Mason’s fault, we should have started Ramsey. Then we would have gone 5 – 7, wasted Gurley anyway, put Richt on the hot seat, probably have kept Bobo and Friend, saved $1mm in payroll and be in a perfect world…in the land of the trolls, 15%ers, McGarity and Mason haters.


  10. dudemankind

    Spurrier is an idiot to defend Richt? This seems close to the straw man argument Senator.


  11. Argondawg

    I think the cocks are gonna slowly wilt away. Spurrier’s 2 or 3 year comment was brutal. Every column i see states his age. It’s gonna be hard to convince kids he is gonna be there 4 more years.


  12. JCDAWG83

    I’m thinking we should beat SC a few times before we start commenting on their problems. We’ve lost 4 of the last 5 to them, this season to a team that would not have been bowl eligible had we not crapped the bed against them.


  13. I’ve heard Saban is a pretty good coach and he started a green QB this year and will start one next year. Starting a green QB is not a ligit knock on Richt.


  14. Macallanlover

    I am close to thinking we should overlook SC and be preparing for the Tide early in the season (I keed, I keed) but I think it might be more fun to work hard and do a woodshed, beat down on the mouthy Cocks.

    The issue of recruiting will get exponentially more difficult for SC with another year passing old Stevie by, and trying to sell an average record for 2014 with a worse one anticipated for 2015. He was able to sell the “turnaround theory” for the first few years but how do you do that with his age and a declining record? It may be time for them to part ways before they end up in as bad a place as when they started. If they continue to sink to TN level, they have an even tougher sell to recruits because there is no winning tradition to fall back on. What looked like a successful move for them 9 years ago may become an expensive failure: no championships and an empty cupboard for the next guy.


    • AusDawg85

      We get them at home, so I think the focus will be there again as in 2013. But as long as Spurrier is there, I do think Richt needs to dial up the team fury to maximum. Beating down USCe is a far better start to our season than worrying all season about the game in Jax…a trap I believe we’ve fallen into for far too long.


  15. 69Dawg

    Steve isn’t leaving until Steve Jr. can get a job on his own. Mama runs that house and she will keep Steve working until then.