“But that’s history now and away we go.”

It sounds like Steve Spurrier has settled on the “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” approach to deal with negativity on the recruiting trail.

Spurrier isn’t oblivious to the fact that his age is also being used against him in recruiting and that his statement back in December that he might be on the “two- to three-year plan” scared off some recruits.

“That’s how we lost a few this year, people telling recruits that, ‘Coach has about had it or you never know who’s going to be your coach,’ if you go to South Carolina,” Spurrier said. “My response is that the vice president [Joe Biden] is older than me. Heck, Hillary Clinton. … We’re about two years apart from each other [in age], and she’s thinking about running for president. What I have to do is quit telling myself my age number. In life, if a person looks old and acts old and talks old, then he’s probably old.

“Sometimes, you just have to forget the number on your age and physically and mentally see where you’re at, and that sort of determines your ability to function. I know I’ve got a lot left in me to keep coaching.”

Maybe he’ll stump for her on the campaign trail.  Although, being in South Carolina, it might have been more discrete for Spurrier to compare his age to Reagan’s when he ran for president.


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14 responses to ““But that’s history now and away we go.”

  1. Bright Idea

    He should have said Strom Thurmond was still making babies at my age!


  2. LorenzoDawgriquez

    If we could actually put one on them in Athens this year, I think that would about finish him off.

    I like Coach Richt, but he needs to remember what Ray Goff was told about losing to South Carolina. “If you can’t beat the Poultry, go back to Moultrie”.


  3. ClydeBoogie

    Leave why? No no no ain’t nobody making Steven leave. No sir, let him stay until he’s wearing depends, drooling everywhere and his memory is so fuzzy he thinks he’s still at fla. God forbid, we dawg fans ever get in the way of one our rivals running their program in the ground.


  4. ClydeBoogie

    PS hey Senator is the guy on the Dr. Pepper commercials with the visor selling sodas Steven’s long lost brother? They look alike.



    I like his attitude myself…


  6. Mike Cooley

    Lorenzo as much as it would warm my heart for us to send that little puke riding off into the sunset with his head hanging…I don’t see it. I think we will beat them this year. But we could beat them ten years in a row and that little dick head would just keep hanging on until they beat us again just so he could have the final word on the subject. I loathe the guy. And him talking about Hillary Clinton was funny. I would bet anything Spurrier ain’t voting for Hillary Clinton.


  7. CannonDawg

    Spurrier, when asked at a press conference if he is considering retirement, replied: “Well, we keep gettin’ good players, keep good coaches, keep beatin’ the Dawgs, heck, a coupla beers and a little blue pill and I can hang around a long time.”

    When asked specifically how long he could hang around, Spurrier quipped as he was leaving, “At least 3 hours.”


  8. “Age ain’t nothing but a number and like a Fine Wine we don’t get older we just get better.” Saffire and The Uppity Blues Women.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Spurdog stepped in deep kimchee and it won’t go away. Too bad.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Well, Steve and his coaching staff could do a “young and hip” wall poster giving recruits the shocker.


  11. JB

    Steve thinks he lost so many recruits this year due to negative recruiting. Not so much. it was his own truthful comment about only sticking around for 2 more years that did it. He later tried to act like he didn’t mean 2, when he said 2, etc, no one bought the lie.