Mark Emmert has a bridge he’d like to sell you.

I think the technical term for this is boolcheet:

NCAA President Mark Emmert says the association agreed to a settlement with Penn State to ensure that $60 million in fines paid by the school could finally be distributed to victims of sexual abuse.

Emmert added Friday that the settlement was not an acknowledgement the NCAA overreached by getting involved in the Jerry Sandusky child-molestation case.

“The reason that the association and the governing board entered into the these conversations was, again, to make sure that we were moving forward in getting the fine to go to the places that it needed to go,” he said during a news conference during the NCAA convention with University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides and Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz.

“We spent two and half years arguing that and frankly it was likely to continue to go forward as a running debate and discussion.

“Penn State has dutifully put in a trust account $12 million a year for three years and intends to do it for another two years and those dollars have been sitting there idly and that was something we all found very objectionable.”

Yeah, all that money sitting there earning interest.  That really sucks.

If it was that objectionable, guys, why not use the NCAA’s money in the meantime to help?

The reality is much simpler.  Emmert’s organization was being sued for its high-handedness and the revelations coming out from various folks under oath made the NCAA’s behavior even more questionable.  Here’s the tell:

  • Penn State acknowledges the NCAA’s legitimate and good faith interest and concern regarding the Jerry Sandusky matter.

That’s what Emmert got out of the deal.  Even that’s not much, though, because Penn State wasn’t asked to concede anything about the NCAA’s tactics.

So in the end, what are we left with?  Not a whole helluva lot.

Legal issues aside, though, there will never be any winners in the Sandusky case. There will only be bigger losers than others.

Paterno earned back his wins but questions will linger about how much he should have known about a longtime assistant coach who abused children in the locker room showers.

The NCAA’s mishandling of justice should not equate to any large share of vindication.

The Sandusky story is as sordid and disgusting now as it was the day it came to light.

Penn State continues to “win” because the NCAA continues to lose. In part that’s because the NCAA, as an organization, is lost.

Well, maybe it’s a little more than that.

What does it say that the NCAA is more willing to back track on child rape than on payments to a student-athlete?  Priorities, people.

And, finally, if there is one thing proven here it’s that the only thing dumber than Mark Emmert’s impulses is not fighting the NCAA when it sanctions.  That’s some lesson to take away.


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17 responses to “Mark Emmert has a bridge he’d like to sell you.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    “In terms of the damage done and the innocents violated, however, no comfort in legal victory should ever be found.” Chris Dufresne.

    I wonder, as they sit around the Sunday dinner, do the Paternos really believe restoring numbers will restore Joe?


    • Did you see the helmets the PSU hockey team wore last night?


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        When all those old coaches, Bear, Wally, Woody, Shug and them, sit around the great poker table in the sky, do they save a chair for Joe?

        I hope they save him a chair and it remains empty.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Good thought by former Tech conah back Ed Burke’s great, great grandpa.

        Joe, you are dead to me.


      • The school and all the sycophants continue to find new levels of disgusting.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Do you guys think the Paterno family realizes that by pushing getting the wins back it would seem all they were interested in at Joe’s house was winning football games?


          • I honestly do NOT believe that ever enters into the thinking on this thing. They have all been so long inside this protective cocoon with iconography as their mother’s milk that they feel they will skate away from it. And they will. Just watch.

            In five years the Ped State debacle will be just another twisted footnote in the history of ham-handed dealings by the NCAA. But I don’t ever see that football school having on-the-field results like it has previously.


      • Fucking disgusting.

        Joe Paterno should be completely wiped from the record books.

        All of his wins should be revoked.


  2. DawgByte

    … 3, 2, 1, 0…


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky I’m surprised a man of your sophistication makes spelling errors. It’s ‘Bool Sheeit.’ Everybody knows that.


    • Hog… you’re not very cosmopolitan. Boolcheet is legit. When Dad was in SAC we lived in a very diversified neighborhood. We didn’t call it that , we didn’t know it was. Our neighbors were Base commander,Dr. Novak (our dentist), Mr Toland(Dad’s accountant), One Jose Castro who road to the base with Dad. Castro was in the Civil Service. He coached all my baseball teams and was the boxing coach for the city of Warner Robins. His Dad slipped into Miami with his wife and son from Cuba. I was age wise between his oldest and youngest son. I never went out with his daughter. I was probably afraid to.He coached me in baseball and boxing. He said ‘boolcheet” during baseball games all the time. Must be a language thing. Cuban is much different that Mexican Spanish.

      And I’m not the only one that noticed (Besides Bluto)
      “Cuestro has a funny way of talking. For example, when he gets mad he might say, “Son of a beech” instead of … well, you know. Or he might burst out that a home plates ump’s call on one of Cuestro’s pitches was a “bunch of boolcheet”. And when he was really angry, he spits out a bunch of Spainish cuss words (but it is funny anyway because I can tell he’s swearing up a storm.)


    • Nashville West

      Actually the Spanish is mierda del toro, but it all fits the NCAA and PSU.