One last look

Close the books on the 2014 season with this final video.


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11 responses to “One last look

  1. CannonDawg

    Nice. Every time I see one of these videos, I think I’m too old to be affected by that sort of squishy hype; that I can’t be moved by it, even though it’s slickly produced; that by now I’ve seen it all.

    Wrong. And what’s all the better with this vid is that the background music doesn’t have someone screaming at me. Well done.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Love it


  3. Give me a highlight reel of the great Munson calls. I’ve seen them a million times they still give me chill bumps and make me feel like i’m 19 again. Man it doesn’t get any better.


  4. Irishdawg

    Those videos are remarkably well done; whoever the athletic department hired to do them is talented


  5. SouthGaDawg

    If I were Richt, I’d get a giant poster made of the opening picture of hoisting the Belk Bowl trophy. I’d plaster it everywhere. Is they what we at UGA want to be known for? Is this what being “committed to the G” means? Is this really “the Georgia way.?” Belk Bowl champions means nothing. It’s time to go to work…


  6. My fav… but spanking Towel Todd was pretty special.


  7. Russ

    And I loved the double-digit spanking of the Gators in Stegman today. Fox’s hounds are playing good basketball and should go dancing this year. Woof!

    First SEC loss by the Gators since 2013 tourney final.


  8. “…because we spend too many days in the rain.”

    Clearly a call for an IPF.


  9. Hank

    I’ll be damn, I’m just watching Maverick and I get the Bert/Bret thing. 😉


  10. sectionzalum

    how long ’til there’s an arms race for hollywood directors to produce highlight films? speilberg? lucas?