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Okay, it’s not exactly a Bigfoot sighting…

… but somebody at Penn State actually appears to have a sense of shame.


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Jeremy Pruitt Wants You!

After reading this, is it just me, or does it sometimes seem like all the offensive players Georgia’s recruiting have the potential, as well as an open invitation, to play defense?  No wonder Pruitt appears to be in on every kid the staff is chasing.

I keed, I keed…  I think.



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The Richt Way

Gentry Estes turns up a couple of new positions the athletic department is seeking to fill.

Well, based off the want-ad postings, a top priority for the positions appear to be to “monitor and supervise off-the-field activities of student-athletes.”

But it is also designed help with “life skills,” academics and work with the Paul Oliver Network, a special project initiated by Mark Richt to help former Bulldogs after departure from the program. (More on the Oliver network here).

The postings each read …

“The Player Relations Coordinator is responsible for off-the-field activities of student athletes, including but not limited to providing advice and counsel related to life skills, academic success, personal development, and community involvement; assist with the Character Education Program and Leadership Council; serve as liaison to high school coaches and GHSA; provide leadership and support for the Mentor Program, PO Network, Letterman Relations, and other programs related to student-athlete wellness. Adhere to all NCAA, SEC, UGA, and UGAAA rules and regulations.”

That definitely sounds like Mark Richt.  I presume some of those responsibilities Van Halanger covered, but not all.  And it looks to some extent as if Georgia intends to use its in-house mentoring as a promotional feature on the recruiting trail.  I wonder how common a practice that is at other schools.


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A definite maybe

If there’s one thing you can count on with Junior, it’s stability.

I haven’t the first clue about how much truth there is to the rumor, but I’m sure Saban is happy to make time for that shit in the last few weeks heading up to signing day.


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The Johnson Doctrine is alive and well, in all its hypocritical glory.

The genius stole one of Virginia’s recruits away this past week.  Sayeth the kid,

“(Paul Johnson) was happy,” Curry said. “He has very strict rules on committing and not going other places. So his rule is ‘You commit to us, and you don’t visit anywhere else.’ I can see how it might’ve been a little weird for me to visit and be committed somewhere else.

You can see how that might be a little weird?  Yeah, that’s a polite way of putting it.

(h/t hailtogeorgia)


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Nice legacy you got there, kid.

Three weeks ago, Altee Tenpenny was telling the world that Alabama was “… where I plan on making my legacy.”

Yesterday, he announced via Twitter he was leaving Alabama “to start a new chapter.”

You can’t defeat roster management, son.  You can only hope to contain it.


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Now he belongs to the ages.

A moment of silence for the passing of Tony Verna, please.  And then once you realize what he accomplished, it would only be fitting to repeat it.


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