Nice legacy you got there, kid.

Three weeks ago, Altee Tenpenny was telling the world that Alabama was “… where I plan on making my legacy.”

Yesterday, he announced via Twitter he was leaving Alabama “to start a new chapter.”

You can’t defeat roster management, son.  You can only hope to contain it.


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13 responses to “Nice legacy you got there, kid.

  1. 69Dawg

    Attention Auburn your new running back is arrested and ready.


  2. 81Dog

    Maybe his legacy is to demonstrate the art of being a football vagabond.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    “his March 24, 2014 arrest for marijuana possession in North Little Rock as an example.”

    I guess he served his two-game suspension on the scout team, right?



  4. Maybe he was negotiating his exit bonus by trying to convince nick that opening that scholly wasn’t going to come cheaply. It seems that they have since reached an accommodation.


  5. Macallanlover

    Not saying this is an example of this, but the annual “over signing and casting off” of players by schools abusing the loophole needs to end. It is completely illogical to set a limit of 85 scholarships and still allow some schools to use “mulligans” every year. As much as I dislike the Big? conference, at least those school took steps to impose a rule to deal with it. The SEC chooses to hide from the spirit of the law here. While most of the abusers are in the West, I think Florida and UGA were the only schools to support rules to stop this practice.


  6. Great name. Whatever he does, he needs to get into politics. Name like that belong in the Senate.


  7. So that’s 2 RBs from that recruiting class of 5 who have decided they would rather not ride the bench. I’m still amazed bama was able to sign 5 elite backs in one class.


  8. I would expect Tenpenny to check in here briefly, as I have noticed his handle! He should be able to clear the air on any improprieties.


  9. Argondawg

    But I thought competition was good for the competitor? You would think these kids would look at a depth chart and say “If Saban is signing 5 top notch running backs this year I wonder how many are already in the cupboard?” Instead they all think they are the next Maurice Clarett and they are right minus the on field success. These kids are getting ruined before they take their first college class.