Okay, it’s not exactly a Bigfoot sighting…

… but somebody at Penn State actually appears to have a sense of shame.


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23 responses to “Okay, it’s not exactly a Bigfoot sighting…

  1. HahiraDawg

    Is there a way of viewing without opening an account?


  2. I don’t have an account with CBS. Can see it without a problem.


  3. flukebucket

    It is giving me link weirdness too. I put the link that works up but when I click it here it gives me some kind of CBS programming information. ???


  4. Bulldawg165

    Comment from the article: “Not enough formula 409 in the world to clean those showers.”



  5. Dolly Llama

    It works if you open it up in a new tab. Does for me, anyway.


  6. Dawg Vegas

    Most times when I click a link to a CBS story it takes me to their main cbs.com page instead. I just clicked through to the CFB page.

    Glad to see some semblance of decency.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Upon hearing that JoePa got the record back, Sandusky became all excitable



  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Celebrating Joe Pa’s restorations of his precious wins is akin to celebrating a restoration of your friends drivers license 2 years after he struck and killed an innocent bystandar while driving impared.

    Your best bet is to, at most, be quiet about it and simply hope he learned his lesson while doing charitable work during his leisure time.


    • Dawgfan Will

      This. If you’re glad the wins have been restored, fine. Just keep your freaking mouth shut about it.


    • Chadwick

      Ya, but poor Joe’s reputation was besmirched. Gutless coward. God help us if PSU fans still see that monster as a leader of men.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        My wife is from the area, so I’m quite aware of the cult following JoePa continues to receive to this day. There are some great people up there, but they just can’t seem to be able to shake their zombie like state of mind any time his name is mentioned.


      • Yea, Joe cared only about wins. Even to the extent of overlooking the raping of children because it would be embarrassing to his team. A great leader makes the tough decisions and does the right thing regardless of the consequences. Joe did the exact opposite. He is a total piece of shit. “Winning with honor” , what a bunch of horse shit.


  9. Hunkering Hank

    I was at a dinner with a bunch of law firm managing partners this weekend and the guy sitting next to me was a Penn State guy. He was a normal, intelligent, rational human being – and a likeable, entertaining guy – until for some reason he decided to comment about Penn State, Joe Pa, etc. and the wins being restored and how Joe Pa had been “fucked over.” Let’s just say his cult-like viewpoint did not sit well with the lawyers from all over the country and the world that were seated around him. He got cross-examined by 10 different people! Didn’t hold up well. He richly deserved it.


  10. heyberto

    It really is amazing that these people are so f-ing tone-deaf. JoePa was not unfairly attached to this situation, he was a prime enabler. I actually thought it was unfair that he ended bearing the brunt of the blame publicly, really just because he is most well known official at the school that was involved. He was most certainly not alone, and perhaps not the worst enabler of that sicko… but it’s not like Joe didn’t deserve the punishment he got. The school’s interest don’t trump the victims, and while the money helps, getting out there quicker at the expense of trying to pretend that this never happened tat Penn State publicly is just furthering the cover up after admission.


  11. …and Paterno got out conveniently just in time remember. Imagine the implosion had he been compelled to testify.


  12. washburn

    The Penn State cult marches on. Incredible.