The Richt Way

Gentry Estes turns up a couple of new positions the athletic department is seeking to fill.

Well, based off the want-ad postings, a top priority for the positions appear to be to “monitor and supervise off-the-field activities of student-athletes.”

But it is also designed help with “life skills,” academics and work with the Paul Oliver Network, a special project initiated by Mark Richt to help former Bulldogs after departure from the program. (More on the Oliver network here).

The postings each read …

“The Player Relations Coordinator is responsible for off-the-field activities of student athletes, including but not limited to providing advice and counsel related to life skills, academic success, personal development, and community involvement; assist with the Character Education Program and Leadership Council; serve as liaison to high school coaches and GHSA; provide leadership and support for the Mentor Program, PO Network, Letterman Relations, and other programs related to student-athlete wellness. Adhere to all NCAA, SEC, UGA, and UGAAA rules and regulations.”

That definitely sounds like Mark Richt.  I presume some of those responsibilities Van Halanger covered, but not all.  And it looks to some extent as if Georgia intends to use its in-house mentoring as a promotional feature on the recruiting trail.  I wonder how common a practice that is at other schools.



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11 responses to “The Richt Way

  1. Cojones

    “We are a new entity that used to be called “Minders” We will watch your son day and night to make sure he doesn’t continue the bad ways he may have picked up with his buddies here at home. Wouldn’t you feel safer if Georgia incarcer….uhhh…watched him closely for the next several years or until he is established in life? Mr. Williamson, as a part of this recruitment, is talking to your son outside now to scare the sh…uhh… to acquaint him with campus rules and the Bulldawg Watchdawg program that reaches into the inky parts of darkness to retrieve him before emerging from an al…..uhhh….flying in the face of a structured life that we will give him. Mentoring will be done by those who will establish the Georgia Way as they have for years beginning with the hiring of great tutors like Ms. Kemp, daughter of a Georgia alum who is familiar with these sort of things and how to get us back on the road to winning championships; first, in the classroom and then on the field.”


  2. Good. The more young guys we have working in these non-coaching places, the better.


  3. SouthGaDawg

    The more this off-season goes along, the more it looks like Richt won a powerplay with McGarity behind the BM closed doors. I know that the Senator has posted several times on this topic, but as we move along this winter, all the puzzle pieces seem to be arranging into place.

    I wonder as we continue to pay these football assistants more and more, is McGarity secretly in his office late at night scratching his forehead under his green visor trying to figure out how to now pay the tennis and volleyball assistants?


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Fine with me. Anything to keep attrition to the absolute minimum. Just get somebody worth having, not another ole buddy who’s retired-in-place.

    So now that Van Hanger-on is gone it must be getting kind of lonely for his lifer counterpart, Eason. In defense of BM, just think about how much $$ we shoveled down the rat hole over the years for those 2 CMR assistants to “monitor and supervise off-the-field activities of student-athletes.”


    • 69Dawg

      Mark didn’t start that it has been that way forever. The number of old coaches that were and still are on staff from the Dooley days is legend. Mike Caven et. al. Not saying they don’t contribute but we have a lot of good ole boys at B-M.


  5. Bright Idea

    Rumor is Arkansas considering John Lilly for OC.