The couple that recruits together…

Interesting note in this post at The Lady Sportswriter about Donte Jackson’s official visit to Athens:

“I liked everything and it was really just a good visit,” Jackson said. “I liked the coaches and being around them all together and the players made it feel real comfortable.”

A couple of people who took that comfort level to another step was defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and his wife.

“He was fun and I got to spend a lot of quality time with him and his wife,” explained Jackson. “They really showed a lot of love and talked about how much they liked it there.” (Sonny Shipp, 247Sports)

Sounds like she’s all in.  Of course, FSU folks would probably claim it’s just another way for her to keep an eye on her man, right?


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15 responses to “The couple that recruits together…

  1. LSU has offered Jackson’s sister a Track Scholly is the rumor.


  2. Sounds like our coaches have some pretty fine wives. Other teams are just not that fortunate.


  3. TheDukeofE

    As long as you give great effort, Pruitt will like you a lot. It’s the lazy guys that piss him off, and rightly so.


  4. BulldogBen

    FSU folks will never admit that Jimbo is just a unethical, micromanaging ahole to work for and complicit in everything that came FSU’s way off the field. It just had to be Pruitt fooling around that he left. Laughable.

    By the way, FSU went from Top 10 total Defense to outside of the Top 75 last year.



    • LorenzoDawgriquez

      +1. FSU fans won’t be able to create enough rumors for all the Assistants that want to get away from Jimbo as soon as possible.


    • Peteydawg

      Still got the hardware last year though. And they graduated every starting LB 1st round NFL DT and the heart of d and possible best CB in the nation…. And still beat Florida this year. Hope we can move past these damn games where we throw up all over ourselves every year.


  5. Landing Jackson would be huge. He’s dynamic and his position is one of need. Having said that, I’ll believe UGA will get an elite recruit out of NO away from LSU when I see it.


    • Macallanlover

      I have never felt we would get him. He was soft when he did his commitment comments and these comments make me think he is almost a definite for LSU. And if big city lights is what he considers important, I don’t think I mind that decision at all. He might want to look at GT while he is in the area.


  6. Speaking of recruiting- anyone got any insight into why von Jefferson decommitted? Is it all the talk about our emphasis on the running game? That’s a position we really can’t afford to lose big recruits.