Getting on the same page

In the wake of the public messiness between the football staff and the athletic administration, I said this:

You’ve got a situation where there’s clearly friction between the AD and the football staff. Pruitt’s outburst should have been a warning to McGarity that there was real frustration over management of the program and that everyone needed to be on the same page, or at least keep differences in house. Instead, McGarity has chosen to take his position public, as evidenced by that interview with Mark Bradley.

What you’ve got now is a poisoned atmosphere. It’s easy to start rumors that people want to believe have credence and that’s what I saw last night.

Social media isn’t where you fix this. You fix this by nailing down contracts, crowing about them as proof that B-M backs Richt and doing what it takes to fill the open slots on the staff with home run hires.  [Emphasis added.]

Sounds like they’re starting to get the message.



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15 responses to “Getting on the same page

  1. Mudcats Impala...

    IPF plans are in motion.
    Staff pay went up big-time across the board.
    Seven new support staff positions were just announced.
    S&C was gutted, full staff of 5 put in place (had never had a full S&C staff)
    Announced plans to improve Sanford Stadium locker rooms and recruiting areas…
    Top notch Coaching & recruiting staff.
    Passionate & loyal fanbase.
    Renewed support of Athletics from the Presidents office not seen since before Adams took office.

    Hey SEC!…. The sleeping giant is waking up, be afraid…very afraid…


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Another consideration in the CMR contract, it seems that most if not all the other extensions were announced as adding years and financial detail would be released later … this time it was a statement of both.


  3. Ant

    President Morehead and some key donors were very clear in the message to Mcgarity.


  4. If Richt walks, you gotta have the infrastructure to attract the next guy.

    Not sure McGarity Gets The Picture, but apparently Jere does.

    Am thankful the Adams family no longer runs UGA like a carnie attraction.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I think it’s clear Pruitt would’ve left if we didn’t make the changes. That would’ve devastated the program.


    • Cobb, agree with you. Bobo left, probably made it clear about many issues contributing to him bolting for CSU. The Pruitt comes in behind, Richt says to MickyG, Pruitt goes I go to Nebraska or the next Nebraska.

      Cupboard is bare if all three walk and MickyG can’t get a new HC w/o supplying what they are asking for anyways.

      Pretty plausible that if that happened; might as well get a new AD while you are at it. Then Jere would have all his guys. Pretty well explains the new rude in the AD office.


  6. The legacy of the CJP hire may be as much about how he was willing to publicly shame Bowel Movement into action as it is about how he runs the defense.


    • Russ

      Possible, but there are a limited number of those bullets available. He should use them wisely.


      • Faulkner

        He’s coached at top schools, won a title and improved the defense using players he didn’t recruit. I think he has a drawer full of bullets. If they were to run him off, he would land on his feet pretty quickly.


    • Britdawg75

      Pruitt’s insider knowledge of the Bama infrastructure should pay off this year or next. Don’t be mistaken, the change wasn’t because of JP, it was Coach Richt using his leverage to make the changes needed to get the team to the next level, including bringing on some new people with Bama backgrounds.


  7. Britdawg75

    I attribute most of the staff pay increases changes coming to losing Mike Bobo more than acquiring JP. Indoor Play facility is something Coach Richt decided to increase the pool to include that, increased salaries, and more assistants and support on staff. You can’t risk losing a conference championship due to bad weather and not being able to practice. Richt must have made JP aware of how bad weather effected prep for the last 2 conference championships. Also, the recruiting wars led to the indoor playing field more than JP. One quick speech by JP didn’t create all of these changes.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    But everything that has happened came after Pruitt was hired, not incrementally in the prior 13 years before his arrival. Attribute it to Richt, Bobo, McGarity, Morehead, recruit feedback, rumors, or coincidence – who cares. We’re finally ‘doing something’ instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying ‘awe shucks’. Maybe, just maybe, the excuses have worn thin with the powers-that-be and we’re heading somewhere.