Pro-style coordinators don’t grow on trees.

Arkansas has its new offensive coordinator, Dan Enos, who has the head coach at Central Michigan.  Check out Bert’s comment about the hire:

“Dan is a great fit for our program. He runs a pro-style offense and brings expertise at the quarterback position as both a player and coach. We played against each other in college and he was a very intelligent and talented quarterback who showed great toughness and leadership. He has an outstanding reputation and will be a tremendous asset for Razorback football.”

You can see the chart in the linked article as to CMU’s offensive performance under Enos, who called the plays there.  It’s nothing special.

I’m sure Enos won’t be getting a paycheck in Brian Schottenheimer’s neighborhood, but maybe this sheds some light on why Richt acted so decisively to get his man.  Good pro-style guys ain’t easy to find these days.


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  1. gastr1

    Especially if they come from the actual pros.


  2. I’m sure we’re going to have the head-scratching moments next year especially early while CBS is trying to feel out what he can and can’t do with Ramsey, Bauta or Park at QB. I’m confident that a guy whose father was a successful head coach in the NFL and then learned offensive football under one of the best college head coaches of all time at the height of his career, mentored a couple of future HoF QBs early in his career, and was an NFL coordinator for 9 years will figure it out.

    The bottom line is Richt didn’t want to take a spread guy and teach him how to coordinate a pro-style, multiple offense. He didn’t want a guy that had little experience teaching QBs proper footwork and technique from under center touching the 5-star guys he and Bobo recruited to run the system.


  3. Agreed EE, look at what Urban did to/with Tebow. Look at what Gussy did with Marshall.


  4. Cojones

    That potential OL recruit from Wisconsin pushes the envelope further on Schott’s hire by his words on research of UGA and staff. His remarks are welcomed at this point in our recruiting when he makes statements that other potential recruits can read and assess for objective descriptive value.


  5. Britdawg75

    The more you see crappy hires like the Arky hire, you see what a great steal is was convincing an NFL OC to make a lateral move down to the college ranks. Good for Coach Richt, after pulling that off, and stealing the No 1 ranked defensive DC the year earlier, 2 real coups. But no, finding a solid Pro Style OC ain’t easy.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    So what happened to Roper and Bloomgren?