The Florida Way

I just read the official announcement about Florida’s IPF.  It saves the best for last.

The estimated $15 million project will be funded through private gifts and capital financing.

Capital financing?  Pffft.  Butts-Mehre should up the ante on them Gators when it comes to paying for things without touching the reserve fund.  I can see it now:  “Fan base, you really want this?  Fine.  You pay for it, then.”


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  1. Why Florida doesn’t have an IPF.

    I think FSU paid for theirs basically the same way. I don’t see a IPF built in 2015. I hope when it is built it is within walking distance to Butts-Mehre and not a swiss army knife of a building out in the sticks.

    It seems the mantra of the Adams administration has taken a hit. Adams used the income from football to fund so many projects. Lot of new buildings on campus. Too bad those class rooms stay empty so often. Georgia has benefited from a decision made last fall to begin moving $30 million to the UGA Foundation as an endowment. With the stock market thriving, that produced $450,000 in investment earnings by the end of March, according to treasurer Tim Burgess.

    I sense a change… unless McGarity thumbs his nose at RIcht and builds something other than what Richt wants and needs it will be business as usual.
    As Adams passes the baton to Morehead, he told the full board:“It’s going to take some discipline from this board moving forward and from the administration. There are some places that are running headlong toward the cliff.Assistant coaches salaries, incredible money being spent on revenue sports. It will, in my opinion,it will take some continued self-discipline for us to stay in the black.”



  2. Britdawg75

    The race is on for SEC East recruiting edge, and bad weather alternative. Looks like UF will get there first. But doesn’t seem to be helping them with recruiting this year.


  3. Bright Idea

    Color me naive but I don’t believe IPFs are recruiting advantages other than the fact you don’t have one shows indifference toward the program. I honestly believe coaches fear losing precious practice time at the worst possible time, like the week of any SEC game or the SECC. There are more reasons to have one than not to have one if you can afford it.


  4. Silver Britches

    “I can see it now: ‘Fan base, you really want this? Fine. You pay for it, then.'”

    Waaaaaay ahead of you Senator:

    Click to access 2015_donation_form.pdf


    • Nice catch! Don’t forget that ticket prices are going up a couple times over the next couple years, too. Don’t remember what the increases are for but I doubt it’s a coincidence that serious raises and an IPF are announced AFTER the ticket price increase is announced. First ticket price increase since, what, before Richt got here? I know it’s been awhile. Gonna have a couple over a relatively short span, too.


      • JCDAWG83

        Georgia football exists in a bizarro world. Disappointing season; give everyone raises and go up on ticket prices. If we ever win a championship of any kind I wonder if they will cut the coaches pay?


    • Bulldog Joe

      For the record, I had about 44 million reasons not to check that box.


  5. Rig

    I remember Jim Donnan wanting an IPF way back in the day. Pretty sad that we still don’t have one and don’t have a timeline for getting one completed. Maybe Georgia Southern will have one before we do.