When you say “Jim Bob Cooter”, you’ve said it all.

With Mike Bajakian’s departure, Tennessee is looking for a replacement at offensive coordinator.

… Various levels of homecoming fantasy – Peyton Manning, Tee Martin, Jim Bob Cooter – may dominate early fan conversation, but if the Vols do go outside the existing family, it seems more likely than not it will be to a name you weren’t really familiar with before hot boards started showing up today.

That may not be the most Vol thing ever, but UT fans yearning for the return of Jim Bob Cooter has to be up in the top three, at least.


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16 responses to “When you say “Jim Bob Cooter”, you’ve said it all.

  1. 202dawg

    An OC name truly deserving, say Junior and LuLu. You really can’t make that shit up…


  2. The other Doug

    Jim Bob is so Tennessee. The name, the inbred look, and the arrest record make him a Vol 4 Life.


  3. stick jackson

    It’s the most Tennessee name ever by miles, and that’s for sure. The one thing I will say in fairness to UT is that in the last couple of weeks I have seen various random NFL “insider” types on Twitter touting him as an up and coming offensive mind in The League. I remember seeing that because at the time i definitely paused and thought, “Huh. Really?” Before that I had no idea he was even in the NFL.


  4. Mayor

    So the Vols need a new OC? I hear Charlie Weiss is available.


  5. Bright Idea

    Matt Stafford would know the scoop on Jim Bob.


  6. Cojones

    Martin is smart and a good communicator with a great Tenn O background. Why wouldn’ they want him above most? Besides, “Cooter” would be replaced by “Doodle Bug” by midseason. Yep, great alums don’t always make good coaches, but Tee has good experience coaching in the collegiate ranks. He brings a great recruiting value as well.

    “Cooter” is a common nickname in the South (I know three) as well as a family name. Throw in a “Turtle” and a “Doodle Bug” and you have the names of some of my current acquaintances. Jim Bob Cooter fits right in with last names like Bobo and …….

    My next dog name reserved is “Big” (or “Little”, if a small dog), referring to the “Bo”s, the “Burt”s and the “Nick”s of CFB, along with “Aso” (Tagalog for
    “dog”). Told the pound to be on the lookout for a deaf adoptive dog.


  7. Russ

    Heh heh….you said “Cooter”!


  8. Raynoch Thompson or Leonard Little will be their next DC. Once they get parolled.

    Damn, I’m being a dick today.


  9. Vindex

    Wow…quite a day for Vol-related nomenclature. Now I know where I hope Lacey Pearl winds up…as Jim Bob’s other half.


  10. godawg

    And fans thought “Bobo,” was funny…


  11. Keese

    Wish they’d bring back the smash cars for charity. Last one I saw was the orange jim bob cooter back in the early 2000’s. That was a blast knocking the hell out of.

    Too bad Jim Bob has lost his #1spot http://georgiasports.blogspot.com/2006/03/jim-bob-cooter-to-lose-title-of.html?m=1