“I don’t think I’ve seen the quarterback play (in the SEC) this bad in a long time.”

Matt Hayes is flummoxed about many things.  Evidently one of those is understanding the cyclical nature of college football.  Two seasons ago, the SEC was flooded with talented quarterbacks.  Poor ol’ Matt can’t figure out what happened last year.

Welcome to the story of SEC regression: the league doesn’t have it where it matters most. In this era of college football where elite quarterbacks win championships, the 14-team monster conference has one quarterback of significance.

It’s not like they sign long-term contracts, dude.  And even you seem to have glommed on to the existence of a source to replenish talent called recruiting.  It’ll cycle around.

Of course, when it does, all the great running backs now in the conference will probably have moved on to the NFL.  I guess that’ll give you the next inspiration for a column.


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12 responses to ““I don’t think I’ve seen the quarterback play (in the SEC) this bad in a long time.”

  1. Matt Hayes is one of the dumbest sports writers in the national media. It’s too bad he has a platform for spewing his drivel.


  2. 2011 wasn’t exactly a banner year for QB play in the SEC either: John Brantley, Chris Relf, and Randall Mackey were the middle of the pack.

    Next year will be a little better. Guys like Patrick Towles at Kentucky, Josh Dobbs at Tennessee, and Brandon Allen at Arkansas will probably take a decent step up. I don’t see much drop off in the passing game (if any) with Jeremy Johnson replacing Nick Marshall. Oh, and don’t forget Jacob Coker, Heisman Contender, will finally get a shot to start, maybe. Maty Mauk has looked really good and really bad, sometimes in the same game, so who knows how he’ll perform. The A&M QB will put up numbers, and the Georgia QB is stepping into a really good situation.


  3. Difficult to stockpile QBs. They tend to transfer if they are really good.


  4. It’s a lazy journalism version of the tail wagging the dog. Another variation of the “SEC is down” meme. This is almost as annoying as the thousands of articles out there titled “Ten reasons you should never _______.”


  5. Biggus Rickus

    Ah, Matt Hayes, so confidently dumb. QB play was worse in 2011, 2009 and 2008. Only one of those three national champions had a great QB.


  6. Ant

    Given that the QB play was so bad but yet the overall offensive numbers were up. What does that say about offensive schemes, and or the defensive schemes and play?