“We’re very pleased and happy that Todd is going to be staying at the University of Louisville.”

‘Cause you know if there is one guy who appreciates loyalty to a college football program, it’s Bobby Petrino.

Although it sounds like Grantham’s decision was more about the Raydahs than Louisville.


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  1. Towel Flappers Anonymous

    “It was all about the towels,” Grantham said. “Since Jack had already hired most of the defensive staff, there was really no room for my towel guy. I have to take care of my towel guy, and we thought he had a better opportunity in Louisville.”

    “No,” Grantham continued, “there was no consideration about Al hiring Lane, that’s in the past.”


  2. BigEZ

    I’d be interested in the salary offer they made him. The article seems to make a big deal about the 2 year deal, doesn’t he have 4 years left at Louisville with $1 million per season?


  3. CannonDawg

    “‘Cause you know if there is one guy who appreciates loyalty to a college football program, it’s Bobby Petrino.”

    There was also an NFL franchise who trusted him with the keys, so on a professional level he’s been nothing if not consistent. And on a personal level, well, let’s just say that his lack of loyalty suffers no restrictions.

    As for Grantham, he can’t flirt with the NFL an infinite number of times before they’ll stop calling. Unless, of course, some idiot owner hires Petrino.

    Quite a pair, huh?


    • I don’t think anyone is going to hold turning down Oakland against Grantham.


      • CannonDawg

        He also turned down New Orleans in 2013. Agreed that Oakland is a wreck, but if he really wants a return to The League, he’s had two recent chances and taken a pass each time. I just don’t think he can continue to do that w/o raising a red flag with NFL HCs.


        • I don’t think turning down offers hurts him if he continues to put up good numbers at Louisville. But if the strong start/continual slide thing that happened at UGA shows up in UL, then yeah, the ship sailed without him. Either way, Oakland seems to have been a continuous dumpster fire for three decades.


        • Todd did not turn down the Saints. He got an interview. Payton hired Rob Ryan instead of Todd but before doing so gave Todd the opportunity to withdraw his name for consideration as DC for the Saints. This professional courtesy maneuver avoids the indignity of there being an actual rejection because no one rejects Todd.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    It’s hard to imagine Louisville digging any deeper in their pockets than they already have for the guy, but is he getting a raise out of this? Any extension to the contract?

    It seems to me if you’re already making (approximately) a cool million a year to coach in the ACC with three more years left on a four year deal, then going to a two year contract to be a part of Oakland’s dumpster fire of an organization is a huge risk. It’s easier to win where you are, there’s more of a commitment and Oakland’s likely not offering a huge raise. Why not stay?


  5. DC Weez

    CTG made the right decision. If he had gone to Oakland, he and the rest of the staff would be fired after next season and he would then become a position coach at something like La Tech. Maybe he can hold out for the Falcons DC job.


  6. Russ

    I noticed his #3 (pre-Belk Bowl) defense isn’t quite so highly ranked now. 🙂


  7. In a rambling response Petrino said “We’re happy that he has and family will continue to be members of the Cardinals’ family…and we really, really, really appreciate the fact that he pulled this shit a week before signing day. I told him so and he apologized for the poor timing. Then he cleared his throat and said Falcons at the same time–you know like that ‘bullshit’ scene in Top Gun? I didn’t think that was very funny.”


  8. Big Shock

    Seems like Grantham’s biggest weakness is teaching fundamentals and he realizes that he needs to get out of Louisville before all the Charlie Strong influence wears off. He always seemed better suited for the NFL, but no point in hopping on that sinking ship in Oakland.