Don’t cry for me, Tuscaloosa.

I like Andy Staples, but I don’t know where he’s coming from with this observation:

After LSU beat Ole Miss in late October, I wrote it might be dangerous to presume the best team in the SEC West was automatically the best team in college football. The remainder of the season and the bowls proved that to be true. While the division remains fairly stacked, the gap between the West and the rest of the Power Five closed in 2014.

Some of this has to do with the gap between Alabama and everyone else closing. Everything is cyclical, and it was crazy to think the Crimson Tide could continue to stack five-star recruit upon five-star recruit before a few elite high school players began choosing to go elsewhere. When Nick Saban was building his machine in Tuscaloosa, he might have gotten Robert Nkemdiche (from Georgia) and Joey Bosa (from Florida) to sign with Alabama. But once Saban had an entire roster of players with similar recruiting pedigrees, it only became natural for great high school players to begin seeking easier paths into the starting lineup.

Yeah, ol’ Nick’s getting blown up on the recruiting trail this yearFor sure.


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  1. gastr1

    Saban’s huge “issues” are simply the inability to stave off the offense-dominated football trend. It’s not his or Alabama’s game, and that’s why the Tide is slumping so hard, what with two whole losses this year and not even making it into the championship.


  2. Uglydawg

    And this is where CMR might have an advantage. He seems able to find ways to morph his program into breaking trends…For instance…Georgia’s offense has become high scoring while the defense has shut down offenses like Auburn’s. Compare the two programs (UGA and AL) against mutual opponents and smile!
    Georgia…because of a couple of unexpected and really unfortunate losses, is off the radar screen for these “experts” who have bought into the “West is Best” horsememe. There is an emerging East and Georgia (and Tennessee) will be good. Georgia will be excellent.
    BTW…and I expect this has been noticed by The Senator and many more…what did you make of Seattle throwing the all with fist and four and a world class stud running back sitting in the backfield? Dejevu?


  3. Granthams replacement

    Bama,LSU and South Carolina are coming off of over signing. That’s why the gap closed. Even vanderbilt is back to normal after Frankilin’s over signing has ended.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    How much of the drop off is due to revolving door coaching staffs? While Saban and Smart have not left but it seems like every other coach basically has a 1 yr. deal with Bama. The recruits have all been, at least by the services, top quality for years so talent wise I would expect a small drop off with an occasional up tick year to year. The biggest change I see is coaches coming and going. Richt often mentions stability in the staff as a good thing, he might be right.


  5. Macallanlover

    The gap didn’t really close, it never really existed. The West and East of the SEC are not really that different most years although there are “hot teams” for short durations that drive that perception. These are now amplified by a 24 hour media who only see the last few games and draw premature conclusions. The whole West meme was silly from the start, what was most surprising was how the fans of teams from the West turned so quickly on their Eastern brethren. Paybacks a bitch boys. The titles are very even, and interleague records are often a result of schedule timing. TN has certainly been through a rough patch but only short term thinkers should throw them under the bus for the likes of the Rebels and pretend Bulldogs.

    LSU, Alabama, and Auburn usually own the West, just as UGA, TN, and FU are the prominent teams of the East. Mizzou and SC can make a bid on certain years, just as A&M, Arkansas,and Miss State will raise their head occasionally. A&M and Mizzou are new, and capable of making the “top elite” 8 teams rather than 6.


  6. Erk's Forehead

    Why a “defense of saban” post here?


  7. The truth is, I never loved you.