The art of negative recruiting

Read the section labeled “The basics” in this piece and tell me Georgia hasn’t managed to check two of the boxes there for teams recruiting against it over the past few seasons.


UPDATE:  More here, including this…

Lance Barnett, the father of five-star quarterback Blake Barnett, said one of the things he liked about Alabama is the staff never negatively recruited or talked ill about any other program.

Maybe that’s because in his son’s case, ‘Bama didn’t have to.


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2 responses to “The art of negative recruiting

  1. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So what happens when a kid signs and finds out he’s been lied to? It’s likely that’s happened. Anybody know any examples?


  2. WF dawg

    I agree with the Senator’s point about negative recruiting ammo against UGA (ACCPD and our drug policy come to mind). What’s really amazing is that the year Richt also dealt with the most job security heat, coming of that 6-7 year, he signed such a highly rated class.