The difference between the poacher and the poached

So, the NCAA is weighing whether to allow an early signing period for football and the SEC… yawns.

SEC executive associate commissioner Greg Sankey said the SEC is in no rush to take a formal position. Last spring, the SEC wanted no early signing date, or if there was one for it to be the Monday after Thanksgiving and only for recruits who don’t take any official visits before that early date. SEC coaches voted 14-0 in favor of a no-official visit, post-Thanksgiving early signing date.

“I’m not sure where the ability of an early signing period outweighs what I view as mounting pressure to sign as many people as possible in the early signing date,” Sankey said. “How does that ripple effect impact recruiting activity in early December and the fall and summer around camps and then in the spring when it’s only an evaluation period?”

Yeah, when you’re the one doing most of the late grabbing, what sense does it make to change the status quo?


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7 responses to “The difference between the poacher and the poached

  1. Bulldawg165

    “…and only for recruits who don’t take any official visits before that early date”

    Am I missing something here? Why would a recruit sign with a school without taking a visit? Or is there something magical about an official visit?


    • If I remember right, the reasoning behind it was that the early signing period would be for those guys who have just always known where they wanted to go and don’t see a need to take official visits. Likely they would have camped at the school and done other things, but just never taken an official, because they already know where they want to go. In other words, guys who aren’t likely to be flipped anyway, so yeah go ahead and let them sign (from the perspective of rival coaches). Can’t see that rule being passed though.


      • Bulldawg165

        ah ok, makes sense. I guess they’re trying to imply that it will be a relatively small number of kids to sign early, even though we all know that coaches are going to be pushing the early signing date hard with as many recruits as possible.


        • Yeah well, that’s what we and they think.

          No telling what kind of loopholes Saban and Kiffen together can come up with to give them an advantage.


      • Bazooka Joe

        People like Saban and the ol ball sack want it because that way the early high 3/low 4 star recruits can get bumped when the 5 star finally commits late but they ran out of schollys (forgot to mention Louisville as they just did that to a kid today)


  2. Mayor

    Speaking of poaching, I heard that one of Georgia’s recruits, a receiver I think, has switched commitments from Georgia to Ole Miss. Does anybody know anything about that?


  3. Joe Smaha

    Recruiting right now borders on insanity in that coaches are being asked to put forth massive efforts to recruit players some of which are extending offers to relatives, some for potential devious consequences and some causing severe stress on young atheletes. The last minute deal making to get commitments from the multi star players creates undeniable pressure on the high school players as well as the coaches when winning is held in the highest esteem and the coaches jobs depend on recruiting as much as their ability to lead and coach players for their team. An early signing period is a partial answer for players who are serious about playing for their favorite college team and hopefully attending and receiving a quality education and obtained a meaningful degree. Their will always be players who are not ready to make their decision early as they want to take paid official visits to explore alternative football programs. Give us players who have a desire to play for UGA because they dream the dream of playing with the colors and uniform of a University that will offer them that opportunity to grow strong as a young man and obtain that quality education experience leading to a future career opportunity.