“We’re just real low on money right now.”

A cautionary tale for the fierce denizens of the Intertubes who like to jump on kids who change their commitments before signing day:

What happened after you publicly re-affirmed your commitment to UGA? “After I made my decision to stick with UGA and told everybody about it, something just didn’t sit well with me about it. I talked to my family some more, and something in my gut told me that Oklahoma State was the best fit for me. It’s just the fact that they’re thin at running back. I’ve only got two seasons to make something happen, to possibly get myself to the NFL Draft. There was a big opportunity at Oklahoma State. Why risk that by going UGA? Nick Chubb is already established at running back there.”

Since you’re from Atlanta, some people disappointed that you’re not coming back this way to play for UGA. What would you say to make them understand why you did what you did? “I’m not concerned with what other people out there are saying. The people that really know me and know my situation, including my family being homeless for a while … they know I need to get to the NFL. That’s probably the best way out for my family. They understand the reason for my decision, and they know that Oklahoma State is the best way for me to try to achieve that goal.”

How is your family doing? “We’re struggling financially. Our house in Lilburn burned down the day after Christmas last year. We’ve been living in hotels and stuff like that. Right now, we’re renting out a house, and we don’t know how long we can afford to rent that out. We’ve been like this for about a year now. It’s me, my parents and my little brother. We’re just real low on money right now.”


Once again, proof that most of us have no idea what it’s like to walk in some of these young men’s shoes.  And Chris, best of luck to you.  Even if you don’t realize your NFL dream, at least take advantage of the opportunity you have to get a college degree and make something of yourself to help your family.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    He’s most likely never going to see this but I certainly hope he’s able to make the most of the opportunity and gets himself to class. Most tailbacks don’t get the huge signing bonuses right out of the draft anymore and the shelf life is short for those who do make it. The NFL money doesn’t last long if you’re trying to support a bunch of people. Good luck to him. I hope he gets a degree and a way to lead his family to better times. What a huge burden for an 18 year old kid.


    • Was about to say the same thing, what a burden. I’m guessing he’s closer to 20 than 18, since he’s a JUCO kid, but regardless that’s a big burden to bear. And in his case, he’s right, he only has 2 years to make a name for himself – and Chubb & Michel are both gonna be at UGA for at least 2 more years (hopefully I didn’t just jinx anything major) – so go where the opportunity lies. Good luck to you, Chris. Go kick some Big 12 ass.


  2. Russ

    I agree with your thoughts, Senator. Best of luck to this kid and I think he made the right choice. With only 2 years to make something happen, coming into a backfield with Chubb, Marshall and Michel was not in his best interest.

    Did we ever off that receiver that was going to Tech by default? Or are we waiting until signing day to screw the genius on that one? 🙂


    • Russ

      Ha ha, I meant “offer”, not “off”. Let me go on record as saying I do NOT advocate the “offing” of any recruit, even if they do sign with Tech.


  3. Dawg in Beaumont

    Can’t blame him. This really makes sense. I do wish we would have gotten him and was disappointed to hear of the flip, but I’m definitely rooting hard for him to make the NFL.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Even as a Georgia fan I can understand this young man’s situation and hope for the best for him. Hope he is the second leading rusher in the nation next year.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    “I’m not concerned with what other people are saying.” This is a perfect response to that question, and that attitude should be commonplace among everyone (and not just him). Some of the best advice I ever received involved not giving a damn what others think of or say about you, aside from those closest to you.

    “I need to get to the NFL. That’s probably the best way out for my family.” Ugh. Just terrible the amount of stress he’s under, and no 18 year old should have to feel such uncompromising pressure. As mentioned, a college degree should be of paramount importance, if nothing else so that it can be a nice backup in case his NFL dreams don’t materialize.

    All the best to him and his family, and any UGA fan who dares vilify him for the switch immediately joins the ranks of the Bryan Allan like types among the populace, whether they realize it or not.


  6. Good for him. Best of luck and work young man.


  7. Piper

    i understand the thought process, just wish he’d had the revelation sooner so that our coaches would’ve had more time to adjust. The depth chart hasn’t changed since the season ended. We got another RB commit yesterday, though, so hopefully it will work out ok.

    good luck to him anyway.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      While it might have been nice, remember that you’re not only dealing with a 19-20 year old kid, but one with a tremendous amount of pressure on him. Not to mention his family situation being in total flux—their situation most likely is totally different than it was just a few short months ago.

      When I was his age, I had a hard time making any difficult decisions, including where I was going to college, and I had very little overall stress in my life.


  8. Merk

    As said these are kids trying to make life decisions when everyone they know is telling them to do this or that, but no one really knows what is truly best for them.
    We have enough depth (Chubb, Michel, Marshall, Douglas) to be fine. Plus next year they will be able to recruit new backs hard with the idea that Marshall will be gone, Chubb on his last year, and Michel + Douglas as the only backs with once 1 year left at school. Would be another fine year to bring in another solid 1-2 punch of backs as we have the last 2 times we brought in good backs.


  9. Will

    Well, looks like I’m going to have to root for OSU to have a really boss running game the next couple of years…


  10. TennesseeDawg

    Good for him and I hope he has success at Oklahoma St.


  11. Best of luck to the kid! I hope he’s able to support his family. I’ll admit that I was surprised we offered a JUCO running back given the depth chart. As others have said, he needs to make sure he gets that degree.


  12. watcher16

    So what you’re saying is Okie State offered him some money…


    • bulldogbry

      I ain’t gonna lie, I would look the other way this time.


    • pete

      I remember a news reporter talking about witnessing first hand the $100 handshakes that some coaches give these kids. At the time I thought, “what’s $100 now when later you can make millions”. Well I guess this story explains it. $100 probably looks like a million to this kid right now.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Especially when those millions are years off and not really even all that likely when you look at how few college “stars” go on to be a big deal in the NFL.

        And then there’s Eric LeGrand.


    • Gaskilldawg

      A less cynical interpretation is that he needs to go pro in 2016 rather than 2017 or 2018 and having enough carries in 2015 to get drafted in 2016 is the most important consideration.
      He made the right decision.


  13. HVL Dawg

    Damned Good Dawg


  14. Bad M

    Of course I would like him to become a Dawg, but as a JUCO, if I were asked I’d tell him to go somewhere else. Somewhere he has a chance to start. You have to take care of yourself first and foremost. Good luck to him and I’ll be rooting for him.


  15. FlorineseExpert

    The real sad question in my mind: will the football program at OSU (or any other P5 institution, including UGA) actually make that degree possible for him, or will they exploit his professional ambitions to convince him to put all his energy into football at the expense of good grades or even a degree at all?


  16. Reservoir Dawg

    T. BOOONE!!!!! Damn you and your bottomless pockets!

    But seriously, dittos for all the well-wishing to the kid. Sounds like this was a purely financial decision, either in the short or long term.

    And what does this say about our ability to recruit running backs going forward? Will the cupboard be bare in 3 years because nobody wants to sit behind the wealth of talent we have now?


    • Wouldn’t read too much into recruiting RB’s going forward. McClendon got Michel & Chubb to come in behind Gurley & Marshall, but there was a one year gap there. Wouldn’t shock me if he pulls in a couple more good ones for 2016. Plus, this was a bit different situation being a JUCO kid who only has 2 years left to play. Can’t afford patience as much as a true frosh.


  17. Spike

    Good luck to him.


  18. Cousin Eddie

    Best of luck to you, Chris. Honestly understand your position.

    This is why SAs need a full cost of attendance. Really how much support from home can a kid like this expect. Reading this I would see him sending money home even if it was given to him from the NCAA/School and not spending it on himself. The kid does deserve to be able to make the decision on whether to enjoy some college experiences that a lot of kids take for granted (burgers and a movie type stuff).


  19. JCDAWG83

    Best of luck to the kid. He should have a pretty good idea if an NFL career is ahead of him or not pretty quickly. I would advise him to really focus on getting a marketable degree. The NFL may not pan out, he could be injured, lots of things can derail the NFL dream. If he gets a good degree, he will have it forever and it will make a huge difference in his and his family’s life.

    I hate that he is in a situation that he has that he has put that much pressure on himself to get to the NFL.


  20. DawgPhan

    If he is from the ATL area, seems like he would be better off heading to Athens.

    Family close by for support. Having a UGA degree in Georgia is better than having an OKSt degree in GA. Also not to bad mouth OkSt, but I think that CMR and company would be better at helping him and his family.

    obvious biases and whatnot accepted.

    Wish him all the best.


  21. georgiajeepn

    I have seen the kid we signed to replace him and I could not be happier. He is bigger and tougher and will be a freshman when he gets here. Also good luck at Okie State to Chris.


  22. Bright Idea

    The guy has lots of reasons to get on the field quick. I don’t blame him and I’d rather sign a freshman anyway. Few JUCOs have ever been real difference makers at UGA.


  23. godawg

    Anyone know the status of AJ Turman? Is he still on the roster? I know he had surgery on his toe and sat out last year. Is he ever going to be able to play?


  24. Macallanlover

    Agree with every comment I have seen above. Best of luck to him achieving his goals and helping lift his family back to their feet. I always thought OSU would have been my decision, even before I knew his story. We simply don’t offer the opportunity for near term playing opportunity as the Cowboys do. Would hope he studies very hard to get that degree as well, RB isn’t the easiest way to make the big dollars in the NFL, especially when you consider the longevity.


  25. WF dawg

    Somebody get Carson’s tape to Auburn, and he won’t have to wait for his money. (I’m only halfway kidding.)


  26. Spence

    Best of luck to this kid.

    it’s easy for me, and I imagine a lot of you fellow posters, to not understand the circumstances these kids are facing during recruiting. It’s pretty easy to see them as wishy-washy prima donnas, but the reality is probably very different for them. Whether he meant to or not, by being candid this kid really helps the rest of us understand his process and decision. I’m sure his story is not unique.

    Proud of the commenters here on this post too for showing real UGA class.


  27. Athens Dog

    I couldn’t understand why he was coming to UGA in the first place to sit on the bench and play special teams………….good luck.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I understand what happened. He got an offer from UGA before any other Power 5 schools and was worried about getting other offers so he committed to keep that option open. Turtle Jackson did that. He was not sure UGA would keep Fox and he had a UCONN offer. He accepted it to keep that option open in case UGA reupped Fox.


  28. Cojones

    If we had known this when he joined our recruits, wouldn’t we want to help – and feel stymied by NCAA rules? Well, that impediment has been lifted. It now is on Ok St’s back. We should go with our emotions here since the kid has used a prime opportunity in the media to express the family situation.

    Aren’t there some DGDs in Atl and Lilburn who read this and are now in a position to help since the monkey’s no longer on our back? We can make his journey easier while making it clear that it’s for the family’s current situation and not for him personally. I’m sure Ok St and Mr Pickens will see to it that he stays around without some spending money in his pocket.

    This is a rare chance to show compassion and good collegiate relations, now that the situation is framed for us. If we can do a Montana Project, this would be like falling off a log locally. Slight rule bending is not out of the NCAA’s purview since funds are available from the NCAA that are sent to each school each year for such situations.

    How could we get the ball rolling? Suggestions?


  29. PTC DAWG

    My advice…GET.YOUR.DEGREE….

    And best of luck to you and your family.


  30. Ant123

    If money was the issue it seems Auburn would have been a better choice.