Rob Sale talks center.

There was so much that went wrong in Jacksonville that sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle about how much the offense struggled after David Andrews suffered an injury.  No offense, but Hunter Long didn’t exactly impress me with his audition that day.

And it sounds like Georgia’s new offensive line coach may be looking in another direction, too.

Sale got questions about the center spot after David Andrews’ departure on more than one occasion Wednesday. “We’ve got a good place to start with,” Sale said. “Isaiah Wynn is very capable of doing it. We’ve got some guys behind him that can come in.” He didn’t rule out moving one of the other starters to center.

That’s good to hear.  It’s obviously a plus that Georgia only has to replace one starter on the line, but it’s a key spot.  And Georgia’s been fortunate to have a lot of stability at that position over the past few seasons.  But with new players to break in at both the center and quarterback positions, you have a feeling that chemistry is going to be a very big deal to factor into the equation.


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8 responses to “Rob Sale talks center.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Coach Rob is off to a good start. He had a very good week.


  2. With the caveat that as little as I know about coaching any other positions, I know even less about coaching OL……….

    I still would be surprised if Kublanow doesn’t end up at center. I know in a way that means you’ll be breaking in 2 new starters instead of 1 (with respect to positions), but he just strikes me as the guy most suited to do it.


    • I’ve felt for some time that Kublanow would make a great center….if he has the intelligence and someone quality to step into his guard spot. Also, maybe late in the 2015 or by the 2016 season, I expect Jake Edwards to make his name known at G or C. For continuity, though, I do expect Coach Sale to try to find someone else to take over at C first. It would be nice if Wynn could do it and be good at it.


    • And something of note that I found kinda odd after he signed yesterday was Hardin saying he was gonna play C. While not totally unheard of you rarely see the tallest guy on your team at C.


  3. Dank Jankins

    I am very impressed with this guy. I don’t think UGA will have OL recruiting issues in the future. Plus I have heard that he has some really good relations with the LA HS coaching circles. Would be nice to maybe pick up a LA kid here and there that maybe LSU does not have room for or is over looked. That state produces some freaky jumbo athletes.

    I think this guy is going to be a helluva OL coach in terms of technique and developing nasty attitudes.


  4. WF dawg

    Seems like it was just the other day we were asking if Boss could step into Ben Jones’ shoes. Where does the time go?


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Yea, and I remember after the Mizz game in 2012 several people on another blog (Dawg Sports) ranting how Andrews was a bust at center. The Boss was a DGD.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Hunter Long as backup center was a mistake. We should’ve had someone more capable in the queue. The effort and loyalty both Long brothers have given to UGA is commendable, but unfortunately they haven’t been on-the-field producers. Two more examples of our problems evaluating, recruiting and developing OL players.