Bert makes bank.

In the SEC, $4 million a year is the new black.

Reaching that milestone after a 7-6 season, you wonder how long it’ll take before we’re saying that about $5 million a year.

Pretty soon, Nick Saban’s gonna look underpaid.


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8 responses to “Bert makes bank.

  1. Really is insane. Remember how crazy we all thought Bama was for paying Saban $4 million/yr to leave the Dolphins? I mean I couldn’t wrap my head around that number for a college coach, there was no way ANY coach was worth that.

    Shoot, for that matter I still remember when Spurrier was the first to break the $1 million mark per year. But the way salaries have ramped up across the board the last 4 years or so is mind boggling.


  2. Mudcats Impala...

    How about the numbers if he’s fired, they won’t be able to afford to fire him Damn… just, Damn…

    If the school fires Bielema over the next three years, it would owe him $15.4 million. That staggering amount of security drops to $11.7 million in 2018, $7.9 million in 2019 and finally $4 million in 2020.–spt.html


  3. Bert..the numb skull who could not figure out that his starting QB was hurt and not even capable of completing a pass to beat Mizzou. That Bert Bielema? The world no longer makes sense to me. 4 mill for a baffoon that no real contender was sniffing around to steal. If he had done something other than piss away a couple of winnable games I would get but jezz 4 million for 7-6. This is proof positive that SEC athletics programs have way too much money. Give me one quarter of that paycheck and I’ll get the Hawgs to a bowl game or return the money.
    Everyone does know we would have started referring to him as Bret if he hadn’t so thoroughly cocked up the Mizzou game right?


  4. Bright Idea

    The media talking heads are all in on this guy so Ark. can’t afford to let him get away. They are making 7-6 sound like 14-1. They got a lot of mileage out of the moral victory loss to Bama 14-13.


  5. Uglydawg

    Those “media talking heads” seem to have one or two worthless traits..(call this the “meme, meme”) One..create a meme to show how much insight and knowledge you have…even if it has no foundation…OR, two, pick up on another’s meme and try to grow it.. Both are just dishonest and a lazy way of trying to be pertinent. Andre Ware’s promotion of Jeff Drikell in early 2013 is an example of neither, however. He was just too exciited to notice the other team was Ky. The “QB controversy at UGA” horsecrap, when Green and Schockly were both there was a great example of the “meme, meme”…as was “AM can’t win a big game”, and now coming with great fervor out of the dummy’s at the AJC….CPJ is a genius who singlhandedly beats Georgia (once a decade)” and ” GT proves recruiting ratings don’t matter”. I believe they hope that writing it will somehow make it true.


    • Uglydawg

      I once knew a “techincal analysist ” that was as lazy as he was dumb. He would come into our shop and try to glean one little bit of information about an aircraft part or component that he could repeat in front of the big wigs and vendor tech reps in meetings. He really knew nothing and cared about nothing except looking like he was something that he wasn’t….”on the ball”. We got wise to him and would give ridiculous “inside scoop” that he would repeat as wisdom in meetings. After being laughed out of a meeting for telling a vendor rep that they needed to improve the “fallopiian tubes” in a particular instrument system, he disappeared.
      This is a metaphor on much of the “Sports Media”. There are very few hard working Phil Steele types out there.


  6. Cosmic Dawg

    I don’t get why Arkansas doesn’t feel empowered to say, “Bret, we are thrilled you are here. However, we encourage all our employees to pursue the best options for themselves and their families. Therefore, should you get an offer better than your current salary, we wish you all the best, as we don’t think your performance is outpacing the original expectations set in your contract.”


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Come on, Senator. David Ching gave him an A(!) in coaching this season. Wins and losses are secondary to perceptions.