“My personal thought is it makes no sense not to.”

I can’t figure out if Kentucky favors an early signing period in football because it would be good for kids who’ve made up their minds early from continuing to be chased, or if it’s because it would put less stress on the school’s recruiting budget.

I’ve got news for Stoops and Barnhart – the early date won’t help the kids; it’ll just move up the pressure on the calendar.Ā  And given that, I’m not sure how much less chasing Stoops would be doing to hold down the fort.


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9 responses to ““My personal thought is it makes no sense not to.”


    If a kid and a school are ready to agree, I say let them do it. Binding offer, no outs for either….


    • Puffdawg

      Be interesting to see how this thing with Roquan plays out as it pertains to coaches leaving after signing day. What will that do to the early signing period? Probably make it irrelevant if the kids wise up. Why would they ever sign early without knowing if their head/poisiton coach/recruiter will still be there in February?


  2. Bright Idea

    I see only a handful of recruits signing early due to the fear of coaching changes but I agree it is a good idea.


  3. Uglydawg

    Can a recruit not ask for a customized agreement…one that would let him out of the deal if certain situations arise or change?


  4. Dawg Vegas

    I know it’s not an option for most kids (and I have no idea how high or low a percentage), but isn’t early enrollment a way of having an early signing period?

    I do agree that open signing is the best option.


  5. reipar

    I think what Kentucky is saying here is it will help them as some of their commitments are kids not yet offered by the Auburn’s and Michigan State’s of the world as those schools are still chasing 4/5 star players. As most of those 4/5 star players will not be making their decision early Kentucky can sign the kid early as he does not have an offer from a better school yet.

    The only way the pressure remains the same on Kentucky is if the swooping school decides to swoop the week before the early signing day. The problem with that is they may fill up at be unable to continue pursuing that 4/5 star player they were holding out for.


  6. RocketDawg

    I think that a kid and a school can sign whenever they want. So if Kiffen wants to offer another 7th Grader and he signs then guess what Kiffykins….you are stuck with him even if he peaked in the 8th grade. Maybe it would stop some of this “I’m committed, no just kinda committed, I’m just looking around” bullshit from the kids and the Sabans and Petrinos of the world wouldn’t be able to leave a kid hanging right before signing day.