“Stop mixing politics in with college football,” you said.

Talk to the politicians.

(h/t Doc Saturday)


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6 responses to ““Stop mixing politics in with college football,” you said.

  1. reipar

    That was probably the dumbest thing I have read in quite awhile. I am not really sure what to do now.


  2. 69Dawg

    Well hell Oregon is just a Nike 11 on 11 team anyway. Oregon does whatever Phil Knight says and Phil says win. Some states just don’t emphasize high school football. Some states don’t have a large underclass that see sports as a way out of poverty. I think we ended up in the 50 50 range and Georgia is a hot bed of high school football. I really think that the Oregon Senate President was just a concerned alum/citizen that sees his team becoming what they in fact are a Nike 11 on 11 walking talking advertisement for Nike.


    • Hackerdog

      Oregon fans are pleased as punch at what their team has become. What this clown wants is to take college football and instill some good old social justice into the mix. It makes a politician nervous if he can’t check on some quotas every day, including Saturday.

      They could probably riff on this a bit in Portlandia.


  3. Bulldawg165

    I can’t understand if that guy is just venting or if he actually thinks that measures should be taken to attempt to correct this situation. If the former, whatever. If the latter, he might be the most ignorant and arrogant politician I’ve heard of in awhile. That’s saying something.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oregon is a very strange land. You can’t pump your own gas there for one thing. Clearly the political landscape in Oregon is pretty strange, too.


  5. Will Trane

    Two from Georgia. Long way from mama’s kitchen to Ducks’ training table.