The bride wore crimson.

Even in the Bible Belt some things transcend all else.  One scene from the first day it was legal for same-sex couples to marry in Alabama:

In Montgomery, paramedics Melissa and Kimberly Martin finished their night shifts and decided to get married on the spot after seeing that the judge was issuing licenses. They got married in their “Roll Tide” University of Alabama football T-shirts and planned a fancier ceremony later.

I guess they’re saving the houndstooth look for the second wedding.  It’s more formal.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Being Alabama fans, they actually claimed several previous gay marriages that couldn’t be independently verified.


  2. watcher16

    Can’t believe Alabama is now more progressive than Georgia…


  3. Bulldawg165

    To their defense, plenty of folks in Alabama are still doing everything they can to stand in their way. No telling what ridiculous obstacle will be in the way here soon. Then they’d have to wait until the courts stepped in again. Better to hurry up and get married and throw a formal celebration later.


  4. sectionzalum

    good for them. Roy Moore, on the other hand should be disbarred. poor man’s George Wallace.


  5. HamDawg11

    It would be crazy to think the courts would follow the vote of the people of the state, which has voted numerous times overwhelmingly against gay marriage…


  6. Argondawg

    And in other news marrying your 1st cousin in Alabama is not only legal but encouraged. Even the gay couples won’t have to change their last names. …….to much?


  7. Chuck

    I wanted a picture, man. Also, my wife and I like to guess which one is the husband and which one the wife.


  8. 202dawg

    Senator, why bring up such a polarizing issue? No good will come of this discussion.


  9. Does this mean male Auburn students can now marry male goats.


  10. JAX

    Good is now viewed as bad and bad is now viewed as good. This has accelerated under the current president. I’m not going to prophesize, but I fear for my children’s generation and for many reasons.


  11. unclebeezer

    As an Alabama fan, I can say there are much more embarrassing things than two ladies getting married in their Bama gear.

    Like Harvey Updike.

    Keep up the good work Senator. You provide me with an enjoyable read each day.