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“My heart was with UGA, but my mind was with UCLA…”

Roquan Smith surfaces and has quite a bit to say about what transpired on signing day.  Not much is too surprising – Ulbrich lied straight out to him (“Coach Ulbricht did say that Coach Dan Quinn (of the Atlanta Falcons) had called him the night before, but he had declined the job offer”) and the bad taste that left in Smith’s mouth is what’s led him to this no-NLI path he’s now on, rather than some trailblazing motive.

But I’m not completely sure he knows what he gets by not signing the NLI.

“When you sign a letter-of-intent, it give a school all authority over you. You don’t really have any say or anything like that. People say choose the school because of the schools, but coaches shape the school. When people talk like that, that’s kind of crazy. If you get a bull at the school, why would you go to a school to have a bull coach you? You have to look at it like that. Say for example, you’re at the school for two years and then some butthole coaches come in, they won’t be able to hold you there if you’re only on scholarship papers. The letter-of-intent gives the school all power over you.”

“Actually, I do think it’s an unfair situation. Think about if a kid comes from New Jersey and goes all the way out to Texas or somewhere and then someone at home gets sick. With the letter of intent, if he’s their star player, they may want to keep him there regardless of what else is going on. With the scholarship papers, it’s a year in and year out situation, so they just can’t hold you in one place. Where I plan to go, I do plan to be for four years, though.”

If he thinks he becomes a free agent for his entire collegiate career by foregoing the NLI, he’s sadly mistaken.  Not sure if he’s getting bad advice, or if he just doesn’t understand that he becomes locked in upon enrolling, but it sounds like he’s in for a surprise down the road.



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Looks like that assistant coaches’ salary pool is about to get a stress test.

“If the Tigers extend a reasonable offer to Ball it’s believed that he would strongly consider accepting the position as the next wide receivers coach at LSU.”

Reasonable being in the eye of the beholder, of course.


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If you play it, they will come.

You know, as much as we fans tut-tut college and pro teams excusing player misconduct and as much as we like to hope that there’s at least a sense of shame in giving out second chances, the reality is that if someone guilty of bad behavior can play, some team is going to find a place for him.

Now coming out?  That’s different.


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Wednesday morning buffet

You can never have enough buffet.

  • Here’s the complete list of players invited to the NFL combine.  Almost twice as many invitees come from Louisville as from Georgia, for what that’s worth.
  • Here’s a weird suggestion for a solution to the coaches leaving after signing day problem:  The only solution might be for the NCAA to require each team’s staff to be set before signing day…”  Aside from the almost absurd logistics involved in setting the framework for that, wouldn’t it violate antitrust law?
  • A couple of thoughtful posts at Football Study Hall about how to improve the metrics of football recruiting rankings:  one from Ian Boyd and another from Bill Connelly.
  • “I never really wanted to play in the NFL.”
  • Reactions to the Tony Ball to LSU rumors.  A little hasty?  Perhaps.
  • Who said this“I do think as I go around the league and look at some other places, we probably need to do some more in our locker room. I also said I don’t think that’s the reason that we’re not where we need to be.”
  • An ESPN SEC roundtable about coaches under pressure after signing day with no mention of Mark Richt?  Well, then.
  • Here’s a big surprise.


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Nick Saban’s got his standards, y’all.

“Tyren Jones has been suspended indefinitely for conduct not to the standard of the Alabama football program,” head coach Nick Saban said in a statement through Alabama media relations.

“Conduct not to the standard of the Alabama football program” – my Gawd, if Jonathan Taylor meets that standard, what in the hell did Jones do?


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Today in the annals of butthurt

Eastern Washington’s AD is awash in false graciousness over the school’s star quarterback moving to Oregon under the NCAA’s graduate transfer rule.

“We are not sure that this was the actual intent of the legislation…”?  What, pray tell, was it, then?

Then again, maybe what he meant was that it’s a mistake for any NCAA rule to benefit a student-athlete.


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