The SEC’s 2015 non-conference scheduling

All you need to know about the difficulty of this year’s non-conference scheduling for SEC teams is that Georgia comes out fifth on this rankings list, with this note:

What gives Georgia’s schedule an edge over Alabama’s is it plays its Power-Five opponent in a true road game and its remaining foes are just a hair more difficult.

Just to remind you, in 2015, Georgia plays UL Monroe, FCS Southern, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech (road).  Not exactly a murderers’ row there.

You know it’s bad when Florida – Florida! – legitimately faces the second-toughest OOC slate.


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10 responses to “The SEC’s 2015 non-conference scheduling

  1. David K

    How the hell does Vandy schedule a road game at Middle Tennessee State? That’s flat out embarrassing for the conference.


  2. pete

    “Just to remind you, in 2015, Georgia plays UL Monroe, FCS Southern, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech (road). Not exactly a murderers’ row there.”

    If we rank 5th with that OOC schedule, there is a lot of SEC patsy games in 2015. I’m sure the other conferences and their talking-head homers will be chirping about it.


  3. Aladawg

    Write Morehead and McGarrity because there’s a lot more of this to come. Including donation send $150/game to Athens to see FBS, Directional schools and other patsies………..This just continues to suck and make nooners further ruining the game day experience!


  4. watcher16

    LSU at Syracuse is odd too


  5. Mayor

    How about Mizzou at Arkansas State? It sort of defeats the purpose (more home games) when you have to go on the road to play a cupcake.


  6. Joe "season ticket" Holder

    I donated an extra $200 b/c I can’t wait to see Louisiana-Monroe and the Southerns. I also can’t wait to get treated like crap by the local police.

    I’m not a smart man but Georgia football is all I know. I have no other hobbies.


    • I hear you. Seriously, consider taking up the hobby of following UGA basketball. The team is good, and you get the “going back to Athens” experience. There is plenty of room to tailgate on nice days, parking is free on campus and the police presence is a lot less aggressive. I enjoy going to basketball games more than football games.



    Georgia Southern will make you buckle your chinstrap. I think they are building a monster down there.


  8. Bob

    SEC out of conference scheduling has been pathetic with few exceptions for a long time. The West is a total joke. Alabama has played 5 total true road games against Power 5 teams since 1990….NC State, UCLA, Oklahoma, Penn State and Duke. Twenty five years and 5 true out of conference road games. Contrast that with Georgia whose played 19 in that same time period.