A decided schematic disadvantage

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, dude.


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20 responses to “A decided schematic disadvantage

  1. AlphaDawg

    Tom Brady made that man rich.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    “highly doubtful” because he has ran out of people stupid enough to hire him.


  3. sj

    Weiss sued his bariatric surgeon in 2007. Not because it didn’t work (he is still fat so maybe it doesn’t). The suture line leaked and he had to have it revised requiring more surgery. This is a known complication and he signed informed consent stating he was informed of the possible risks. Anyway, I have thought the surgeon accidentally left a douche-bag in Charlie. Replaced his esophagus with a synthetic gravity fed feed-bag. And that is my theory as to why he has acted like a complete ‘nozzle’ since he left New England.


  4. Mayor

    With all the dough he scammed out of NCAA institutions he will no longer coach but instead will become the owner of an NFL team.


  5. Bulldawg165

    A commenter stated years ago that he’s the perfect embodiment of The Peter Principle. I’d never heard the term before then, but I can’t help but agree with them.


  6. 66DAWGnNC

    Why would he want to coach? Isn’t he getting paid boatloads of cash NOT to coach?


  7. gastr1

    Who in the world cared enough to ask?


  8. The other Doug

    I was kinda hoping to see him on the flats in a couple of years when the Genius moves on.


  9. AusDawg85

    Sideline cooler chests everywhere can breath a sigh of relief.


  10. You can’t argue with his decided schematic advantage. First: have Tom Brady. Second: Land big money jobs because prospective employers aren’t smart enough to see that Tom Brady made you successful, not your scheme. Rinse. Repeat. Third: Fall off the coaching carousel with your golden parachute open into a pile of money. Thats one hell of a schematic advantage if you ask me.


  11. RocketDawg

    Someone stole his cooler full of sandwiches


  12. JN

    I know “decided schematic advantage” specifically pertains to Weiss, but I can’t remember where did it came from specifically.