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Short stuff

Seth Emerson has a valid point in his review of the receivers/tight ends group.

That’s something that’s missing for Georgia now with Chris Conley, Michael Bennett and Jonathon Rumph gone from the scene. And it’s why I think Williams (a bulky 6-foot-1) and Towns (a legit 6-3) will see the field a lot. It could also lead to walk-ons Hegedus (6-2) and Johnson (6-1) getting a hard look.

Mitchell is great, but not what you’d call tall.  Neither is Scott-Wesley.  Davis and McKenzie?  Yeah, right.  Terry Godwin, whom I expect to see a lot of on offense this season, is well under six feet, too.

Somebody with some height has to get a shot, because there are situations where you have to have a taller receiver (not just a tight end) as a target option.

Who’s your candidate for being that guy (or guys)?


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Caution! Emerging meme!

Expect a lot more of this stuff as the offseason goes by.


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FCS pity party

Vernon Adams is gone, gone, gone to Oregon.  To his credit, he bore down and got his degree at Eastern Washington before he exhausted his eligibility.  That means he’s free to transfer to another school.  It’s one of the few bones the NCAA throws student-athletes.  It’s a reward for, well, being a true student-athlete.  You work your ass off the right way, you get some control back over your football career.

And, naturally, that means it sucks for some coaches.

Vernon Adams passed for 658 yards and six touchdowns against Montana State the past two seasons, leading Eastern Washington to a victory each time.

Still, Bobcats coach Rob Ash is disappointed to see Adams transfer from the Big Sky to the Pac-12 and wants Football Championship Subdivision coaches to push to change the rule that allows the dynamic quarterback to play for Oregon next season.

”We’re Division I like the other level,” Ash said in a telephone interview. ”Our guys need to start and finish at the same school. We cannot be perceived as a farm system or Triple-A ballclub or anything like that.”

Cry me a river, Rob.

Oh, and stay classy, Eastern Washington.


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