A matter of timing

Seth Emerson notes that what Roquan Smith is doing in bypassing the LOI is already being done by others, just earlier.

Once Smith enrolls at Georgia, presumably sometime this summer, the normal NCAA transfer rules apply. His situation is actually similar to players who enroll early, as they sometimes never sign a letter-of-intent, but once they enroll for the spring semester are fully committed to the school and NCAA rules apply.

Smith’s situation is different in that he has become a rare case of a summer enrollee not signing a letter-of-intent. But as more prospects become aware of the option, and the fact it gives them an out if the situation at their school changes, Smith almost certainly will not be the last major recruit to follow this path.

The difference, I would say, is a matter of attitude.  Early enrollees know where they want to be and evidently feel strongly enough about the school that they’re willing to assume the risk of coaching changes before signing day.


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2 responses to “A matter of timing

  1. Dawgoholic

    Or early enrollees are very confident the coaches they care about will be back. I’m pretty sure if you ranked UGA’s coaches based on who is most likely to leave within a year on signing day Ball would have been in the top three.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    IF a player has schools willing to hold an opening, and IF he still isn’t sure about selecting a school on signing day, this is the smart and prudent option.